Tuesday, 24 February 2009

At last

the weather turned mild and the sun came out on Saturday and the hounds all made the most of it with some long overdue sunbathing! I was at Otley crop so Eric took photo's for me to see them all lounging around outside.

I've decided to start some new projects this year. I will as always do a yearly album of things that we do etc in 2009 and continue with the hounds and Ben's albums but have decided to do an album each of the kids and a book of me.

So here is my first layout for my album. The paper came from a kit from Ang and I cut it to make a frame which I mounted on foam but from there went off on my own tangent.


I think I've made progress as I spotted on Eric's PC screen plans for a hen house hehehe, so I said shall I email the Little Hen Rescue site well you've got to try haven't you anyway Eric said to wait until he had time to make the hen house! definite progress though.

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