Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The day after all the snow

The stampin up party was cancelled last night but the heavy snow forecast for late afternoon actually arrived as sleet, so now most of the snow has gone and what remains is frozen solid and the paths are very very icy. Camera batteries finally finished charging up last night, although Mr T did inform me I could have used them at any time arrgh! so I've taken a photo of the day after all the snow LOL.

Finally got round to finishing this layout off yesterday. It's a kit from Otley crop by Vanessa. I've decided that this year I really have to make an effort to scan all my pre digital photo's and start using them. This photo isn't great but is a whole lot better than the original LOL.

Alfie loved the snow yesterday and spent most of the day out playing in it, just coming in to dry off for a few minutes, Gangley quite likes it as well but gets cold very quickly. The greyhounds are not amused at all but Lucky did venture out and have a little play with Alfie. Sandy declined her early morning walk for the 2nd morning running, she really struggles to walk over the icy ground and it hurts her paws so she stayed indoors snuggled up indoors. Smart dog!

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