Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ipswich to Chepstow

Marc Steve and Ned left Ipswich this morning at 9am

and arrived in Chepstow at 6pm, booked into their B & B and now off to the pub for last minute discusions so I'm told.

Walk commences aarly tomorrow with probably a 11 hour walk in front of them!

Friday, 30 August 2013

What a week!

Well if I thought the last week was busy this one managed to out do it LOL.

Went to hospital last Friday and hand surgeon thinks the two planned ops on right hand should be postponed as currently my index finger is fully working, thumb has collapsed into palm and doesn't move BUT it does meet the remaining three fingers that have partial movement in them and if he goes in he's concerned I may end up with less use of fingers albeit they would look better LOL. I'm quite happy with his decision but do need to have an op in October on one finger as it's being strangled by lumps, a small op. Yay no plaster cast at all this year!

Had my grandson several times to help daughter who has started a new job and he's even stayed over, lot of crafting, lots of walking dogs, lots of noise LOL.

 Ben made some cards and decided he would sell them to raise money for greyhounds!

 Lots of footie! lots of tired hounds!

 Computer games that involved lots of noise not just from Ben!

 Ben was thrilled that Elmo slept on his bed all night LOL.

 Finally managed to get the boys together for the photo shoot. Twizzle who hates the camera went off on one and skittled everyone so Gangley decided quite wisely she was out of there, managed to get one photo that we could use LOL. Had hoped to get one of us with the 8  hounds but Gangley wasn't prepared to risk it and the photo we did get is rubbish . And I brushed my hair and even put some lippy on!

Have finally got everything done I need to for the walk. The boys travel to Wales tomorrow ready for the walk to start Sunday. We're all a bit concerned about the weather being so warm  (what a contrast to last year) and the amount of water they will need to carry each day! Oh for the luxury of a support vehicle....... no chance. They're walking the equivalent of 7 marathons in 7.5 days whilst carrying everything they need in rucksacks EEK!.

Shall be updating daily from here on in. Have another £180 to bank tomorrow from card sales and sponsorship which will take us to just about half way, paws crossed we can get close to our target.

Hope you'll all join me on the next adventure of the walking the beat boys.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

An exciting new venture

I am starting out on a new venture and becoming a consultant for Lori Rose and her homeopathic treatments. Lori will give me 20% of any sales made using my code of ST007, which I will in turn donate to Greyhound Gap.

Several years ago our great big hug monster Jim developed corns which on a tripod who had lost a leg to bone caner is a serious problem. We tried   the usual route of treatment at the vets and despite having the corn hulled twice it returned each time. This is when we first came into contact with Lori who made up a homeopathic treatment, which to our delight got rid of Jim’s corns and they never returned.

Since then I have used several different products from Lori each with the same success rate and Lori has also made up a treatment for our tiny Whippet Gangley who is suffering from a neurological illness that can’t be treated with conventional medicine. In May Gangley was going downhill his so fast we truly thought the end was fast approaching. Since starting her treatment in June the decline and slowed down and she has enjoyed a wonderful summer, going for walks without falling over and has generally improved.

Alfie Bear has suffered from being itchy since he arrived and despite various tests at the vets nothing was uncovered as to the cause. Alfie also only has three legs and the itching makes him utterly miserable. Again we asked Lori to make up a treatment for Alfie and again it has been so good we have been able to reduce the piriton and hope to stop it altogether soon. I might also add that Lori also treats us humans and has me walking pain free from a cluster of corns for the first time in 3 years!

Lori is a lovely lady who always responds quickly to cries for help and has 5 rescue Irish wolfhounds of her own, she is a Professional Homeopathic Practitioner with a very busy and successful practice. Her work consists of Homeopathic consultations by means of my clinic, online and telephone consultation. 
Lori has worked with animals for many years both in the healing and rescue capacity and started a charity called Lurcher Lifeline, which later became Animal Lifeline.
So if anyone needs some help please Contact Lori via her website  and if you use my code ST007 at the checkout Greyhound gap will get 20% from the sale.

Sue x

PS Walk count down 10 days to the off

Monday, 19 August 2013

The coast to Coast walk 2013

The story so far ……

In July 2009 Marc and Steve completed the Ghurkha challenge, although in different teams they had enjoyed the challenge and discussed ideas of raising money for another charity. They both had personal reasons for choosing greyhound gap and hit upon the idea of walking the 4 coast to coast walks of Great Britain. This would mean 1 walk each year for 4 years and bring a total mileage of 1,000 miles; they set themselves a target of reaching £10,000 for Greyhound Gaps Kennel fund.

So in 2011 Marc & Steve walked Wainwrights coast to coast walk.  They walked on average 22.2 miles a day for 9 days to complete the 200 mile walk and raised £2,550.00.

In 2012 They launched they’re own website and facebook page called walkingthebeat and were joined by Community officer Stuart and completed an arduous 212 miles of the “Southern Upland Way” in what can only be described as horrendous conditions. Total mileage walked so far 412 and a further  £4,030.00 raised for the kennel fund!.

So onto this year 2013

Offa's Dyke path is a 180 mile coast to coast route of South to North Wales. Commencing on the Sedbury cliffs of the River Severn and finishing on the Sandy beaches of Prestatyn , passing through no less than eight different counties.

The walk will be tailored to 180 miles over 7.5 days which will see the guys walk on average 24 miles a day. Upon completion of this walk will bring the total mileage completed to date to a staggering 600 miles over their 3 coast to coast walks.
As always the walk is totally self-funded with all money raised being donated to Greyhound Gaps kennel fund.

Below is some information on Greyhoundgap and the fantastic work that goes on around the country, please take the time to read this as it will become very apparent very quickly to all of you why we want to both raise money and promote through as much publicity as possible their good work
Greyhound Gap is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a ‘put to sleep’ situation in UK pounds.  Funded almost entirely by donations, they rehome around 150 dogs each year.  We can have up to 60 dogs in our care at any one time, in foster homes or in holding kennels awaiting suitable foster homes. Greyhound Gap operates on a national basis so our dogs can be homed in most areas throughout the UK.

A few words on how my son Marc views these walks.

“The coast to coast routes each year are more than just a walk. It’s an adventure it’s about the people you meet and the relationships formed. It’s about geography & history that you pass through. It’s about getting your feet wet at the beginning and the end! It’s what you learn about yourself. But most importantly it’s about raising funds and awareness for the Greyhound Gap.” – Marc Norman (03.07.11)

“In life you do the right thing…not for a medal…not to be hailed a hero…but simply because IT IS the right thing to do.”

‘Walking the beat’ seemed an ‘apt’ choice of a title with all the team members having a link to the police.

Donations can be made by clicking on the walkingthebeat logo at the top of the page this will take  you to our website and the link to just giving.

Many thanks Sue.

PS Once the walk starts I will of course update this blog and the facebook page which can be found here

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Busy week!

Life in the Taylor house is manic to say the  least!

Busy finalising the walk stuff which I shall post and blog tomorrow.

Busy making cards for an online craft fair greyhound gap are having here

Busy having friends visit from Thursday till yesterday!  Shellie and Kit are two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet and it's always lovely to see them. The hounds get thoroughly spoilt as do we.

Busy helping Marc prepare for the big quiz night last Thursday, which is our single biggest fund raiser for the walk and raised £410 this year!. My son on the right and in the middle is Steve who has done all the walks with Marc and on the left is Ned a retired policeman who is joining them this year. Photo underneath is Marc's wife Rachael's team she's in the middle.

Busy having family over, I let Ben loose with my camera and he took some good photo's.

 as you can tell Twizzle was in 7th heaven having her bath.
 Vikki took this one of me and Ben.
 Me and my daughter Vikki

 Elmo, Belle and Rocky in the corner. I was really surprised at how well Ben did, a budding photograph. Ben is very excited as he's coming to stay this week, I've restocked his crafting box, special request for feathers and he's told me we will have lots of fun bless him.

Almost had a melt down having spent 2 days cleaning the house properly, you know when you lift stuff up to clean underneath when I heard the distant rumble of tractors starting the harvest, luckily they haven't done the fields next to us yet but I think it's best to suspend any further cleaning until they do it LOL. Dam dust gets in everywhere.

Back tomorrow with walk details.

 so in a nutshell BUSY! LOL.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Vince & Morton Family BBQ 2013

Fabulous afternoon spent with all the family, boy did I have to get bossy to get the group photo done LOL. As I was the only one taking photo's I only appear on this one so I made sure I was slap bang in the middle (in the khaki top and skirt) everyone pitched in and brought food, the weather stayed dry and warm and we had a great time.

Son Marc and husband Eric
Aunty Peb, cousin Tim and Mum
Cousin Sandra and Vikki
Sandra's boys and husband and partners
My Mum and her brother Uncle John
Mum with my youngest brother Chris, Dad in background
My neice Trudy with Mum, Dad and daughter Vikki and Uncle John in the back he kept doing that LOL.
Trudy and Vikki who are more like sisters then cousins
Grandson Ben and Harvey

precious memories.

Sue x

PS  watch this space just about ready to go live with this years coast to coast walk info!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I' m so busy my head is spinning LOL

Keep singing the words to that song and it's true!

Next Wednesday our friends arrive for 4 days so I've been busy cleaning the house and baking lots of goodies, also did some baking for Sunday when we have the annual big family BBQ. Mum and Dad used to host it but Marc has taken over now and it's a chance for both sides of the family to get together.

Also busy with walk stuff, we're hoping to go live with the new website and just giving page towards the end of next week. Walk starts 1st September and this year it's the turn of Wales, again coast to coast the actual walk is called Offa's Dyke. More details next week.

Greyhound gap recently had an auction for collars I bid and won on a set of two, they were supposed to be for Indy and Mojo as although a big difference in size they look like twins, well Indy's only just fits and may well go to Rocky and  Mojo's doesn't fit at all. I'm not great at measuring stuff but Eric has measured them and said they have come up smaller than stated, hey ho the money went to Gap and I'm sure I'll figure out something for the smaller one.

Gangley has had some great walks this week and although she has visibly lost more muscle tone she's been really bright and not too wobbly. Caught her snuggling up to Rocky this morning and had to take a photo or two. Have ordered Rocky a new collar same trim as Indy's but a clip collar, Indy's is called a martingale. I may well give Indy  the clip one and give Rocky the one Indy  is wearing as it is a snug fit on the big fella. Eric did make me laugh when I was saying well it was supposed to fit a greyhound and he said well no wonder it's so snug fit you needed the donkey size one!

Had a really lovely day at crop on Saturday it was just what I needed and helped me feel much happier although we still miss Orin terribly we are adjusting. Still no new pack leader has stepped forward!

Please keep your fingers crossed that the forecast rain for Sunday doesn't arrive, that would be rotten having endured weeks of scorching hot days.

Sue x

Friday, 2 August 2013


Can't think of a title for today's post.

Did this digi layout last night, of course I was and am supposed to be preparing a paper layout to play with at crop tomorrow but as I was making no progress decided to play digi instead.

Marc and Judith trained as police people together and had their first posting together. Judith is a northern lass and we all love her, Marc told me Judith would always be his first choice of back up as she is fearless and has the ability to talk to people without patronising them. I am happy to say Judith has been  given the all clear and is back at work in the Met.

Their other fried who died was a referee in his spare time so after Marc's knee injury and his decision not to play competitive football anymore he trained as a referee partly in memory of his colleague and partly to give back to the game that he has played since a youngster. Bet there are times when he wishes he could pull out his warrant card instead of the red card.

Life carries on here, still feeling so fragile and tears are never far away but I guess day by day the pain becomes a bit more bearable.

Off to crop tomorrow so hopefully can have some fun.