Monday, 19 August 2013

The coast to Coast walk 2013

The story so far ……

In July 2009 Marc and Steve completed the Ghurkha challenge, although in different teams they had enjoyed the challenge and discussed ideas of raising money for another charity. They both had personal reasons for choosing greyhound gap and hit upon the idea of walking the 4 coast to coast walks of Great Britain. This would mean 1 walk each year for 4 years and bring a total mileage of 1,000 miles; they set themselves a target of reaching £10,000 for Greyhound Gaps Kennel fund.

So in 2011 Marc & Steve walked Wainwrights coast to coast walk.  They walked on average 22.2 miles a day for 9 days to complete the 200 mile walk and raised £2,550.00.

In 2012 They launched they’re own website and facebook page called walkingthebeat and were joined by Community officer Stuart and completed an arduous 212 miles of the “Southern Upland Way” in what can only be described as horrendous conditions. Total mileage walked so far 412 and a further  £4,030.00 raised for the kennel fund!.

So onto this year 2013

Offa's Dyke path is a 180 mile coast to coast route of South to North Wales. Commencing on the Sedbury cliffs of the River Severn and finishing on the Sandy beaches of Prestatyn , passing through no less than eight different counties.

The walk will be tailored to 180 miles over 7.5 days which will see the guys walk on average 24 miles a day. Upon completion of this walk will bring the total mileage completed to date to a staggering 600 miles over their 3 coast to coast walks.
As always the walk is totally self-funded with all money raised being donated to Greyhound Gaps kennel fund.

Below is some information on Greyhoundgap and the fantastic work that goes on around the country, please take the time to read this as it will become very apparent very quickly to all of you why we want to both raise money and promote through as much publicity as possible their good work
Greyhound Gap is a small independent charity set up to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds and lurchers who find themselves in a ‘put to sleep’ situation in UK pounds.  Funded almost entirely by donations, they rehome around 150 dogs each year.  We can have up to 60 dogs in our care at any one time, in foster homes or in holding kennels awaiting suitable foster homes. Greyhound Gap operates on a national basis so our dogs can be homed in most areas throughout the UK.

A few words on how my son Marc views these walks.

“The coast to coast routes each year are more than just a walk. It’s an adventure it’s about the people you meet and the relationships formed. It’s about geography & history that you pass through. It’s about getting your feet wet at the beginning and the end! It’s what you learn about yourself. But most importantly it’s about raising funds and awareness for the Greyhound Gap.” – Marc Norman (03.07.11)

“In life you do the right thing…not for a medal…not to be hailed a hero…but simply because IT IS the right thing to do.”

‘Walking the beat’ seemed an ‘apt’ choice of a title with all the team members having a link to the police.

Donations can be made by clicking on the walkingthebeat logo at the top of the page this will take  you to our website and the link to just giving.

Many thanks Sue.

PS Once the walk starts I will of course update this blog and the facebook page which can be found here


What Remains Now said...

Hoping this is the best walk yet!

Sue said...

The lads have done so well the past two years. I am really looking forward to following them.

gyeong said...

Hopefully the weather will be more accommodating this year.