Friday, 30 August 2013

What a week!

Well if I thought the last week was busy this one managed to out do it LOL.

Went to hospital last Friday and hand surgeon thinks the two planned ops on right hand should be postponed as currently my index finger is fully working, thumb has collapsed into palm and doesn't move BUT it does meet the remaining three fingers that have partial movement in them and if he goes in he's concerned I may end up with less use of fingers albeit they would look better LOL. I'm quite happy with his decision but do need to have an op in October on one finger as it's being strangled by lumps, a small op. Yay no plaster cast at all this year!

Had my grandson several times to help daughter who has started a new job and he's even stayed over, lot of crafting, lots of walking dogs, lots of noise LOL.

 Ben made some cards and decided he would sell them to raise money for greyhounds!

 Lots of footie! lots of tired hounds!

 Computer games that involved lots of noise not just from Ben!

 Ben was thrilled that Elmo slept on his bed all night LOL.

 Finally managed to get the boys together for the photo shoot. Twizzle who hates the camera went off on one and skittled everyone so Gangley decided quite wisely she was out of there, managed to get one photo that we could use LOL. Had hoped to get one of us with the 8  hounds but Gangley wasn't prepared to risk it and the photo we did get is rubbish . And I brushed my hair and even put some lippy on!

Have finally got everything done I need to for the walk. The boys travel to Wales tomorrow ready for the walk to start Sunday. We're all a bit concerned about the weather being so warm  (what a contrast to last year) and the amount of water they will need to carry each day! Oh for the luxury of a support vehicle....... no chance. They're walking the equivalent of 7 marathons in 7.5 days whilst carrying everything they need in rucksacks EEK!.

Shall be updating daily from here on in. Have another £180 to bank tomorrow from card sales and sponsorship which will take us to just about half way, paws crossed we can get close to our target.

Hope you'll all join me on the next adventure of the walking the beat boys.


Sue said...

Hope the smaller op in October sorts that finger out.

Ben looks like he had a fab time.

Photo looks good. I'll be looking for updates on FB.

Sandra's Spot said...

Sounds like the perfect week to me. Hugs X

hotpotato said...

Hi Sue, put me down for a £5 sponsor money and remember to ask me for it at crop on Saturday.

What Remains Now said...

You have been a busy bee! Looking forward the hearing all the adventures from the walk. Had to laugh about Eric's game-playing antics. The big boys can always make more of a ruckus than the little ones.