Thursday, 8 August 2013

I' m so busy my head is spinning LOL

Keep singing the words to that song and it's true!

Next Wednesday our friends arrive for 4 days so I've been busy cleaning the house and baking lots of goodies, also did some baking for Sunday when we have the annual big family BBQ. Mum and Dad used to host it but Marc has taken over now and it's a chance for both sides of the family to get together.

Also busy with walk stuff, we're hoping to go live with the new website and just giving page towards the end of next week. Walk starts 1st September and this year it's the turn of Wales, again coast to coast the actual walk is called Offa's Dyke. More details next week.

Greyhound gap recently had an auction for collars I bid and won on a set of two, they were supposed to be for Indy and Mojo as although a big difference in size they look like twins, well Indy's only just fits and may well go to Rocky and  Mojo's doesn't fit at all. I'm not great at measuring stuff but Eric has measured them and said they have come up smaller than stated, hey ho the money went to Gap and I'm sure I'll figure out something for the smaller one.

Gangley has had some great walks this week and although she has visibly lost more muscle tone she's been really bright and not too wobbly. Caught her snuggling up to Rocky this morning and had to take a photo or two. Have ordered Rocky a new collar same trim as Indy's but a clip collar, Indy's is called a martingale. I may well give Indy  the clip one and give Rocky the one Indy  is wearing as it is a snug fit on the big fella. Eric did make me laugh when I was saying well it was supposed to fit a greyhound and he said well no wonder it's so snug fit you needed the donkey size one!

Had a really lovely day at crop on Saturday it was just what I needed and helped me feel much happier although we still miss Orin terribly we are adjusting. Still no new pack leader has stepped forward!

Please keep your fingers crossed that the forecast rain for Sunday doesn't arrive, that would be rotten having endured weeks of scorching hot days.

Sue x


Sue said...

Sounds like things are full pelt with the BBQ and walk. Your friends are going to love all the goodies you've baked.

I hope you can re-arrange the collars so everyone has one that fits ok. I had a collar that was lovely, but the metal work is far too big for it. Had a job to get the dog tag on it.

Those photos of Gangley with Rocky are adorable.

Glad you enjoyed the crop.

Must admit when I noticed Orin was added to your Bridge Babies, I shed a tear.

hotpotato said...

Love the photos Sue. Donkey size. LOL
See you next week at Papermaze.

What Remains Now said...

Sweet little Gangley. Hopefully she's enjoying the warm weather. Hope the weather holds for the BBQ. Can't wait to hear about this year's Walking the Beat!