Monday, 28 June 2010

SCD weekly challenge

over at SCD this week the challenge is to make a skinni with the theme of flora and fauna.

I've used lots of DI inks and various stamps with a white pen to highlight. I was aiming for this messy look promise LOL.

I think I could have improved it by stamping another butterfly and decoupaging it but can I be bovvvvered...well I might when it cools down later LOL.

Saturday I went to a Papermaze work run by Carol and as always had a fab day and learnt loads. Carol has so much knowledge and her ideas really get you thinking in different directions.

Dogs are well but really hot and bothered as am I. Now I swear back in the middle of the horrible long cold winter I said I wouldn't ever moan about it being hot ever again, however I am close to it LOL.

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Yesterday Dawn and I managed to snatch a few hours to scrap. Life has been and is so hectic for us both at the moment and our normal routine seems to have disappeared LOl so it was lovely to spend a couple of hours catching up and there was loads to catch up on and squeeze in a bit of scrapping.

I finished this layout off that i had started the previous week at crop.

Photo is of Vikki, me and Rachael. Paper are some leftovers from last year and I think they were Bo Bunny. As I had forgotten my book that I draw my sketches in I was a bit stumped and ended up using a previous Papermaze class kit layout as the starting point.

Mojo is very settled and a complete joy to have in our pack.

Jim is still very well and happy.

Gangley has yet another new bed but this time she seems to approve and has actually spent the night in it. Such a relief as she usually ends up sleeping with us and it's too hot LOL.

Alfie has decided Mojo is okay and they spend hours chasing and playing with each other.

Lucky seems to be quietly becoming pack leader just a few incidents this week that I have noticed her stepping in and sorting out.

I finally feel better !!!!! and Mr T is okay too...

I have my posh frock for the wedding! Vikki came over Tuesday and we went shopping, just need to sort shoes and a bag and its done hooray! Marc wants Eric to wear tails the same as him and the best man that's him sorted as well and even better news looks like we have a dog sitter. Our dear friends who visited in May have to come half way over from Hereford on the Saturday for a charity do and have decided to come to us Thursday dog sit Friday and then go to their do Saturday. How wonderfully kind is that.

Sometimes life is good !!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Over at SCD this week the challenge is to make a blue and white skinni.

So here's my skinni, decided not to get messy with DI's this time as I needed to make a card and this will be a good topper for it LOL..just used some bits and pieces on my desk.

Mojo is very settled and the rest of the pack are now used to him being here. Mojo loves to cuddle up to Gangley but his biggest joy in life is to run and play.

and boy can he run

where ever Alfie goes you can be sure that Mojo will follow LOL

somewhere along the line Mojo has lost two thirds of his tail but he is still very very handsome

I have been a poorly poppet, upset tummy started Wednesday and rumbled on for days, went to crop Saturday and felt okish but by the evening I was really messed up as the RA flared and I spent Sunday and Monday mostly in bed, feel much better today soooo going to meet DD and hopefully find me something to wear for DS's wedding next month.

Jim remains happy and well and full of beans.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Confessions of a failed fosterer

So I thinking this may not come as a surprise to some of you LOL but

Mojo is now officially a Taylor hound !!!!!!

Has to be a record as Eric only took the call on Saturday and little Mojo arrived Sunday teatime. I didn't actually meet him until Monday as I was away on my holibobs but by Monday evening I KNEW I was in a spot of bother, Tuesday I realised I needed to do some creative book keeping (of which I hold a masters degree) and Wednesday had to admit to myself that I may as well get it over and done with. So I've paid my dues and sorted his insurance and that's that as they say.

Course the posh frock for DS's wedding next month might not be quite so posh now LOL

Mojo is without doubt the sweetest dearest little chap you could ever wish for. He hasn't put a paw wrong despite being totally bewildered for a day or two. He has slotted into our pack without a ripple and is the perfect playmate for Alfie Bear who needed a running mate.

So hands up I admit I am totally in love with Mojo and can't believe how fate has yet again stepped in and sorted us out.

Just how handsome is this boy

and boy does he love to run

and play

and really you can barely notice there's one more there now can you?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lovely weekend

So I'm back from lovely weekend away. Lots of scrapping and just chilling out. It's good to step outside the normal routine and unwind and just as good to come home again!

I manged 5 layouts!!! which is good going for me.

This one is of me and Vikki on her 30th birthday last month.

This one is of the men and boys playing cricket whilst the women watched Vikki unwrapping all her presents.

This one is of Ben and Harvey and was a Papermaze crop kit.

This is Marc, Rachael and Harvey taken of Christmas Day, with Gangley and Alfie sneaking into the photo LOL.

And finally this one of Alfie and my dear friend Shellie who came to visit last month.

Also came home to an unexpected visitor.

This is Mojo whose family decided they no longer wanted him after 7 years! and as he was originally a greyhound gap dog they took him back into the fold. Eric received a call Saturday asking if we could please squeeze in an emergency foster dog, so of course after Eric rang me we said yes.

A few quick calls and a transport run was put into place with lots of people each taking a leg and Sunday the poor little man started his long journey from Bude and finally arrived Sunday teatime, a very upset bewildered dog.

He has settled really well despite missing his own pack. He has cried as bit but that's to be expected. He really likes Alfie and I mean really likes Alfie LOL.

mojo is a whippet greyhound cross so is bigger than Gangley but smaller than the greyhounds. Perfect size really LOL. Actually he's a pretty perfect dog!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rulu 2 years on ..

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of my dearest little Rulu passing away.

Not a day goes by that I don't miss my best friend and constant shadow for 12 years.

Here is Rulu's story.

On a happier note I'm packed and ready for the off tomorrow morning for my weekend away.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

SCD challenge

This week over at SCD is a new challenge and it's Skinnis. What are skinnis you may wonder, well I did! anyway they are 3 x 5 inches. the theme for this week is houses.

Perfect as I had a new home card to make. So here is my skinni

and here it is used as a topper for the card.

I'm a busy bee getting ready for my weekend away. Off on Friday to Caister with Dawn to chill and scrap and maybe eat the odd malteser or two.

Monday, 7 June 2010


I went to crop on Saturday and spent most of the day doing this simple layout with the stitching, when I got home I decided it needed a stamped swirl and then another and then another!!!

So this is what happens when two worlds collide. My scrapping style is neat and simple but I am being drawn more and more over to the altered art style and the result is a ruined layout!

Lesson learnt keep the two styles apart.

I was quite shocked when I saw this photo, Eric had taken it without me knowing and I was dressed very scruffy even for me but even so I look like an old bag lady LOL and when I said to Eric Oh dear I look like someones Grandma he replied well you are !!!!!

Another lesson learnt try smartening yourself up a bit.