Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Over at SCD this week the challenge is to make a blue and white skinni.

So here's my skinni, decided not to get messy with DI's this time as I needed to make a card and this will be a good topper for it LOL..just used some bits and pieces on my desk.

Mojo is very settled and the rest of the pack are now used to him being here. Mojo loves to cuddle up to Gangley but his biggest joy in life is to run and play.

and boy can he run

where ever Alfie goes you can be sure that Mojo will follow LOL

somewhere along the line Mojo has lost two thirds of his tail but he is still very very handsome

I have been a poorly poppet, upset tummy started Wednesday and rumbled on for days, went to crop Saturday and felt okish but by the evening I was really messed up as the RA flared and I spent Sunday and Monday mostly in bed, feel much better today soooo going to meet DD and hopefully find me something to wear for DS's wedding next month.

Jim remains happy and well and full of beans.


Jane said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better Sue, hope you find something nice x

Winnie said...

Mojo definitely is handsome! Sorry to hear you've been poorly. Glad you're feeling better now.

Carol said...

oh sorry to hear that you've been poorly - hope the shopping goes well!

Mojo is definately a handsome man, so glad to hear he's fitted in so well with the rest of the pack.

Great skinni and thank you for joining us xx

Carol said...
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Laura said...

I cannot decide if it is a homley piece or if it is rather saucy. It could be the something blue garter for someone's wedding. Great make works well. Thanks for playing at SCD again this week.

Ang said...

Fab work Sue love all the textures,
hope lifeis good for you at the moment

Sandra's Spot said...

Love the skinni, Mojo has amazing energy for an 8 year old. Glad you feeling better. Enjoy shopping x

Artyjen said...

Perfect topper for a card....looks like you have a perfect new doggie too :)
xoxo Sioux