Thursday, 27 June 2013

it's offical

Today Zucco offical became Indy Taylor woohoo

welcome home big fella xxx

Friday, 21 June 2013

Today Dawn and I scrapped yay, after losing the little bird I was feeling really sad and it was good to finally have a scrap day after Dawn being away on Holiday!

Hounds were so well behaved that I actually finally finished this layout, I had done the stitching (my first stitching for 3 years what with all the hand ops). Layout was designed by Janina for Bramford crop although mine is a little different as I went off on a tangent LOL Photo is of me and my sister in 1968 I think . Our Gran had a small caravan at Felixstowe and although it's only about 12 miles from where we lived we had several wonderful holidays there. The fancy dress costumes were made by my Mum and Gran out of crepe paper with all the bits hand stitched onto them. Quite pleased with it.


Camera still playing up but did get a photo of the tee shirt I made Eric, well I didn't make the tee shirt just ironed on the design I had made.

The taylor pack are all happy and healthy and have enjoyed the rare glimpses of the sun we see.

Sue x


Little chap passed away during the night! feel so sad having gt him through the first night!

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Not content with looking after 9 dogs and 4 ex battery hens I now have this little chap

found him in the garden last night, newly hatched but couldn't find nest or hear parents, so had to bring indoors and now have the job of hand feeding him wiggly yucky bugs! and let me tell you he gets very loud when he's hungry which is roughly every 15 minutes!

Camera still not working so just took this on mobile of Indy not quite fitting into a bed LOL.

Hounds all well and happy, life is hectic as ever but we seem to be coping.

Sue x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

ta dah!

I feel we have finally got a good working routine with the 9 dogs, we've had to make quite a few changes as Eric can no longer walk them all in one go so the day starts at 6am to get out and about early in the hope of not bumping into too many people and dogs as Rocky (blue foster greyhound) is very very keen on anything that moves on a walk and is a handful.

Whilst Eric is out with group one I quickly hoover and prepare their brekkie and when he takes group two out I go out and see to hens and poo pick (1st of 4 times yuck!).

Indy continues to be really good and went for 2nd part of jabs last night, he has gained 3.5kgs and now weighs 40.5 kgs! suspect he'll end up around the 45kg mark.

Elmo also had to go and see Mr Vet as a pimple on his head continued to grow and grow and then turned red and crusty at which point we got a bit worried. Vet aspirated it whilst Indy helped, boy does that dog like to help with everything, typing on keyboard can be tricky when he's helping LOL. Anyway pimple or lump as it now is has nothing sinister going on but better to play safe.

And just to prove how smug I'm feeling about looking after 9 dogs I even managed a quick digi layout of Ben riding his bike without the stabalizers.

Of course I'm sure when we get muddy paw days I won't be feeling quite so smug!

No hound photo's battery on camera dead so recharged them and still not working grrrr.

Little Ganlgey has had several bad days and even had to be carried home from a walk this week, today she is quite bright and perky and the treatment I've had made up for her from a lovely lady called Lori (homoepathic) has arrived and we're hoping it will help.

Several years ago Jim was plagued by corns no fun when you only have 3 legs, the vet hulled them twice but each time they came back quicker so we turned to Lori who with her treatment got rid of them for good. I am also now using the corn treatment, due to having problems walking and feet issues I also suffer from re occurings corns on the ball of my foot, have been using the drops for 5 weeks and corns have gone and just a small area of thick hard skin left which is growing smaller. So if you or your hounds need help check out her website here

Sue x

Friday, 7 June 2013

Rocky doing well

Thought I'd better update Rocky's condition, well actually he's just fine and taken it all in his stride and we've had no problems.

Well actually we've had a problem, last night all 9 dogs wanted to sleep in our room and trust me when I say there isn't room for them all. Normally Elmo and Twizzle prefer the lounge and Rocky has been in the study but last night teddy bears were being thrown out of prams big time LOL.  Took ages to settle them and keep everyone happy, thing Eric is going to have to build bunk beds at this rate.

Managed one photo this morning then batteries died, as you can see Rocky is just fine and found a good cushion to rest his head on. Poor Mojo everyone uses him as a cushion.

and a close up

.weather continues to be warm and dry which is making life so much easier, dreading a wet day and 35 muddy paws to wipe.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rocky update

Poor Rocky hasn't had a good day. Vets were supposed to ring late morning with update, didn't actually ring till 2pm to say he had problems coming out of the GA and a bad recovery!

He's home now totally spaced out, minus his boy bits and a tooth poor lad and even worse no walks for 5 days and only allowed outside to do the necessary on a lead. Going to be such fun NOT with 8 dogs outside sunbathing and him stuck indoors with warm weather forecast as well.

At least he home, sent a message to Scott his owner but didn't say what a rocky day Rocky had as no point worrying him, we've done enough of that!

Not expecting much sleep tonight LOL.

Indy has a bath

After Rocky had to have an emergency bath Saturday because he was covered in green slime Eric decided Indy should have one on Sunday. Remembered to take photo's this time LOL.

We have always found greyhounds love this form of a bath and usually their back legs collapse at some point as they become more and more relaxed.

I swear I have never seen a dog smile so much.

 See the back legs going LOL

and he's gone!

A few more photo's of the pack

 Gangley and Rocky with me, Orin in the corner and Elmo and Twiz in front

 Orin finds yet another cushion in Rocky

 Not small dog friendly hey guess Rocky thinks Gangley isn't small LOL




 Twiz why they all have to squeeze into the little bed I don't know


 Indy (Zucco)
the pack sniffing Indy after his bath!

Rocky is off to the vets today for castration and teeth clean, left with a waggly tail which Eric says wasn't wagging when he left him and huge eyes were looking at Eric and piling on the guilt!

Rocky was left with the pack yesterday for the first time as we both had dentist appts, came home no problems hooray! all going much better than we dared to hope for

Sue x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Photo's and update

Quick update and then a feast of hound photo's!

Indy (Zucco) carries on being perfect! chilled happy and adorable!

Rocky has been for a swim in the pond and emerged green rather than blue and spent all night trying to get on our bed grrrr, he has however now stopped his scent marking around the house HOORAY!

Eric says he's very keen when he spots something small on walks, even worse than Sandy was and that's saying something. Other than that he is settling quite nicely.

Gangley has become much more wobbly and un coordinated this last week and whilst it doesn't bother her it is very upsetting for us to watch her decline.

Orin continues to be protector of the pack although he doesn't seem bothered by Rocky which is odd as he still has his bits well just till Wednesday!

Other hounds are well and enjoying slightly better weather.

Walks now consist of 3 outings, the big boys first

 Alfie left, then Rocky, Indy and Orin

Finally they're te all assembled and ready!

 45 minutes later  it's the turn of the  smaller ones, spot how much more difficult it is to get them sorted, except old Mojo of course but then he does burst your ear drums with his barking which is non stop from leads appearing to actually leaving the garden.

 Elmo (black dog) Twizzle and  Belle with Mojo at the back.

 Finally either I go out with Gangley no photo's of that!

Followed by treats for being goodish

 There are all 9 dogs in this photo well bits of 9 LOL

 Indy takes a nap

 as does Rocky, both looking cleaner as baths were required.

 and of course a good game of footie with Dad

 Rocky and Indy did a lot of standing and watching, well it does get quite mad.

 then Indy decides to join in

Alfie with his 3 legs and Orin were jumping really high and quiete surprised us.

  Indy looking huge and handsome.

 All go here LOL