Sunday, 2 June 2013

Photo's and update

Quick update and then a feast of hound photo's!

Indy (Zucco) carries on being perfect! chilled happy and adorable!

Rocky has been for a swim in the pond and emerged green rather than blue and spent all night trying to get on our bed grrrr, he has however now stopped his scent marking around the house HOORAY!

Eric says he's very keen when he spots something small on walks, even worse than Sandy was and that's saying something. Other than that he is settling quite nicely.

Gangley has become much more wobbly and un coordinated this last week and whilst it doesn't bother her it is very upsetting for us to watch her decline.

Orin continues to be protector of the pack although he doesn't seem bothered by Rocky which is odd as he still has his bits well just till Wednesday!

Other hounds are well and enjoying slightly better weather.

Walks now consist of 3 outings, the big boys first

 Alfie left, then Rocky, Indy and Orin

Finally they're te all assembled and ready!

 45 minutes later  it's the turn of the  smaller ones, spot how much more difficult it is to get them sorted, except old Mojo of course but then he does burst your ear drums with his barking which is non stop from leads appearing to actually leaving the garden.

 Elmo (black dog) Twizzle and  Belle with Mojo at the back.

 Finally either I go out with Gangley no photo's of that!

Followed by treats for being goodish

 There are all 9 dogs in this photo well bits of 9 LOL

 Indy takes a nap

 as does Rocky, both looking cleaner as baths were required.

 and of course a good game of footie with Dad

 Rocky and Indy did a lot of standing and watching, well it does get quite mad.

 then Indy decides to join in

Alfie with his 3 legs and Orin were jumping really high and quiete surprised us.

  Indy looking huge and handsome.

 All go here LOL


hotpotato said...

they do all look lovely Sue and Indy trying to sleep in that dog basket!

Sue said...

I love all the photos of your pack. Has Indy got a bit of tail missing?

Rocky is so lovely. Is he a true Blue? He looks darker than Song was.

I know how hard it was to watch my Poppy as her back legs got worse. She wasn't in pain, just slowly lost all feeling in them.

Think Indy needs a considerably bigger bed:)

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Yes Sue Indy only has half a tail like Mojo and Rocky is darker than your Song, not quite such a pretty blue more a smoky grey!

What Remains Now said...

Eric sure seems to know how to handle his groups. I had to laugh over Mojo's ear-splitting bark. My Casper has a bark that makes me jump. About the only thing he does that has me shouting after him. I'm so sorry to hear about Gangley. Poor little dear. She is in the best place in the world to be loved and cared for though.

Nic said...

Great photos. Enjoyed them all. Hope they all continue to be good, especially today as Eric is at work.

Jane said...

gorgeous photos Sue, it looks like a full time job!