Thursday, 20 June 2013


Not content with looking after 9 dogs and 4 ex battery hens I now have this little chap

found him in the garden last night, newly hatched but couldn't find nest or hear parents, so had to bring indoors and now have the job of hand feeding him wiggly yucky bugs! and let me tell you he gets very loud when he's hungry which is roughly every 15 minutes!

Camera still not working so just took this on mobile of Indy not quite fitting into a bed LOL.

Hounds all well and happy, life is hectic as ever but we seem to be coping.

Sue x


Sue said...

Hope the baby bird makes it.

Had to laugh at Indy:)

Glad all is well if hectic in your house.

What Remains Now said...

Like Sue...hope the baby bird survives. Glad things are going well. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!