Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rocky update

Poor Rocky hasn't had a good day. Vets were supposed to ring late morning with update, didn't actually ring till 2pm to say he had problems coming out of the GA and a bad recovery!

He's home now totally spaced out, minus his boy bits and a tooth poor lad and even worse no walks for 5 days and only allowed outside to do the necessary on a lead. Going to be such fun NOT with 8 dogs outside sunbathing and him stuck indoors with warm weather forecast as well.

At least he home, sent a message to Scott his owner but didn't say what a rocky day Rocky had as no point worrying him, we've done enough of that!

Not expecting much sleep tonight LOL.


What Remains Now said...

Poor Rocky. I hope tomorrow is better for him.

Sue said...

Poor lad. Hope he recovers quickly.

Maybe you could spend 1:1 time with him whilst the others are outside.

Polly and I are sending him hugs (((Rocky))).