Friday, 7 June 2013

Rocky doing well

Thought I'd better update Rocky's condition, well actually he's just fine and taken it all in his stride and we've had no problems.

Well actually we've had a problem, last night all 9 dogs wanted to sleep in our room and trust me when I say there isn't room for them all. Normally Elmo and Twizzle prefer the lounge and Rocky has been in the study but last night teddy bears were being thrown out of prams big time LOL.  Took ages to settle them and keep everyone happy, thing Eric is going to have to build bunk beds at this rate.

Managed one photo this morning then batteries died, as you can see Rocky is just fine and found a good cushion to rest his head on. Poor Mojo everyone uses him as a cushion.

and a close up

.weather continues to be warm and dry which is making life so much easier, dreading a wet day and 35 muddy paws to wipe.


Sue said...

Glad rocky is doing so well. Love how he seems to like any of the dogs and happy to snuggle. loving Mojo's expression:)

Hope tonight everyone takes their proper places.

What Remains Now said...

Mojo's status as "cushion" made me laugh. Glad Rocky is doing well and hope they don't all fix their sights too firmly on your bed.

Carol said...

just been having a catch up on your blog - wow you and Eric are very special loving all those hounds - must say, I think you must both be slightly mad too!! I can't see how you can let those last two go...especially Rocky!! who, I hope is feeling much better today.

Take care xx