Thursday, 13 June 2013

ta dah!

I feel we have finally got a good working routine with the 9 dogs, we've had to make quite a few changes as Eric can no longer walk them all in one go so the day starts at 6am to get out and about early in the hope of not bumping into too many people and dogs as Rocky (blue foster greyhound) is very very keen on anything that moves on a walk and is a handful.

Whilst Eric is out with group one I quickly hoover and prepare their brekkie and when he takes group two out I go out and see to hens and poo pick (1st of 4 times yuck!).

Indy continues to be really good and went for 2nd part of jabs last night, he has gained 3.5kgs and now weighs 40.5 kgs! suspect he'll end up around the 45kg mark.

Elmo also had to go and see Mr Vet as a pimple on his head continued to grow and grow and then turned red and crusty at which point we got a bit worried. Vet aspirated it whilst Indy helped, boy does that dog like to help with everything, typing on keyboard can be tricky when he's helping LOL. Anyway pimple or lump as it now is has nothing sinister going on but better to play safe.

And just to prove how smug I'm feeling about looking after 9 dogs I even managed a quick digi layout of Ben riding his bike without the stabalizers.

Of course I'm sure when we get muddy paw days I won't be feeling quite so smug!

No hound photo's battery on camera dead so recharged them and still not working grrrr.

Little Ganlgey has had several bad days and even had to be carried home from a walk this week, today she is quite bright and perky and the treatment I've had made up for her from a lovely lady called Lori (homoepathic) has arrived and we're hoping it will help.

Several years ago Jim was plagued by corns no fun when you only have 3 legs, the vet hulled them twice but each time they came back quicker so we turned to Lori who with her treatment got rid of them for good. I am also now using the corn treatment, due to having problems walking and feet issues I also suffer from re occurings corns on the ball of my foot, have been using the drops for 5 weeks and corns have gone and just a small area of thick hard skin left which is growing smaller. So if you or your hounds need help check out her website here

Sue x


What Remains Now said...

I'm heading over to Lori's site after I type this comment because Nikki suffers from corns. I marvel at your handling of 9 hounds, but know it because you and Eric work so well together. The layout is the perfect celebration for big boy bike riding.

Sue said...

Fabby LO. I can still remember my first time on a bike without stabalisers. My dad was holding onto the bike and then suddenly I was free:)

So glad Gangley is having a better day. Also glad the walks are a routine now.

also glad Indy is gaining weight and Elmo's spot was nothing.

I so wish I could have Rocky, but not possible at the moment.

I will be emailing Lori over the weekend, as nothing is working for Polly's corns and she was limping so bad this morning:(

hotpotato said...

lovely layout Sue.

gyeong said...

We had 14 dogs at the house over the weekend, and we were glad when everyone went home, and it was just our 4.