Thursday, 29 May 2008


Having realised it's just over a year since I started my blog, I've just been reading the early posts and in particular the period Eric was away for the TT last year. I'd forgotten just how exhausted I was but it did make me laugh reading it all again.

Well we had one day of good weather over the bank holiday weekend and I finally got my pots and baskets done with some 4 legged help NOT!!!!!!

Me looking very casual as usual LOL...

3 of the 4 almost helping, Sandy was busy sunbathing on the deck.

and Lucky deciding it was time for a cuddle...

Sun did put in a brief appearance this morning but guess what it's raining again!!!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A year on

This time last year Eric was on the Isle of Mann for his TT holiday and I had just started to blog, where has the year gone LOL.

Vikki celebrated her 28th birthday on Monday and came over with Ben for lunch, Ben was so excited his Grandad was here and not at work. Weather was awful after torrential rain Sunday we then had gale force winds Monday and a very very long power cut.

Not been in the mood to scrap this week, just can't sit for long with my knee which is getting worse by the day never mind the week. But have a few layouts to share that I've not got round to uploading.

This on was done as part of a sketch challenge for my UKS team.

And a couple of Mum and Dad's golden wedding party

This one is of my Mum, Dad and me and siblings together again for the first time in 3 years!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

UKS Monthly house challenge

So riding on the success of coming 2nd in April I decided to have another go this month. The brief being a favourite place and sewing. One of my favourite places to be is The Norfolk Coast, as soon as I cross over the border from Suffolk to Norfolk I can feel myself start to relax and the icing on the cake is being by the sea. Doesn't matter to me if it's warm and sunny or wild and windy I just love being there.

So I dusted off my sewing machine and let me tell you I am pretty clueless when it comes to machine sewing (probably because my Mum is fantastic so why would I bother LOL) finally managed to produce a patchwork frame for the photo then used a temple to doodle the swirls which I then spent three days stitching. Nearly gave up as it was hurting my hands so much but am really pleased I persevered with it.

Now not so good news, went to hospital Tuesday and need surgery to my toe and my knee replaced, I'm on the list for my knee and it should be 12 to 16 weeks. So not happy about it!

Friday, 9 May 2008

What a WEEK!

Tuesday 29th April Eric's 50th birthday with a birthday tea with the kids and family.
And my brother and family arrived home from America for a weekend of celebrations for Mum and Dad's golden wedding anniversary. It was so good to see Bob, Kelly and Katie who left here 3 years ago a Suffolk toddler and has returned a 5 year old American girl LOL.

Friday 3nd May Parents 50th golden wedding anniversary party, fantastic night meeting so many faces from the past.

Saturday 3rd May Crop for NSD then an meal out for grown up birthday party for Eric with his friends and wives.

Sunday 4th May Big family BBQ and finally got to hand over the scrapbook I'd made for Mum and Dad. In the planning for two years and the reason why I started scrapbooking.

Monday 5th May Bob Kelly and Katie come for tea and we finally get some quiet time to catch up properly LOL. Voting finished on the April house challenge on UKS and after making the final four I finished second yay !!!!!

Tuesday 6th May Time already to say goodbye as they flew out Wednesday EARLY!!!!!

Been the best and most tiring week ever. Have enough photo's to scrap for ever LOL..

A couple of LO's I've done recently.

Photo is of DGS Ben, I'd been after this shot for weeks and was really chuffed when I finally caught him completely unawares when playing around with the zoom on the new camera.

This one was Claire's "up close and personal CC Class on UKS" which I had done but when I saw some of the pp at crop on Saturday I just had to do it again. Such a fab class!

And this one is Eric posing in his ebay bargain leather, his birthday prezzie to himself LOL...

Off to a 50th birthday BBQ at the weekend.