Monday, 29 June 2009

200th blog entry!!!

I started my blog for two reasons, first up I needed somewhere to upload my "stuff" to share with friends and family. Secondly I wanted a project to play with when Eric went off and left me for two whole weeks. He and his friends went to the TT on the Isle of Mann to watches the motorbike racing and to celebrate their 30th anniversary of their first motorbike holiday together. Well I was mostly way to knackered to do much in those two weeks but I do enjoy going back and reading how I survived it all LOL.

So here I am 200 blog entries later still uploading bits and pieces and chatting on about the hounds etc.

So I thought I'd share some random photo's taken over the last week.

I walked down to the bottom of our drive last night and took a couple of shots of Eric and the six pack coming back from their walk.

It's no wonder people stop and stare LOL.

Vikki sent me this photo of Ben down at Felixstowe yesterday, cool dude or what LOl. He's growing up so fast now.

Me and the ducks having a cuddle

and I wanted some up to date shots of the girlies, the two dark brown ones are looking so good now but the other two still look scrawny. We've been letting them have the full use of the garden for a couple of hours each afternoon, it's too hot for the hounds to be out between 1pm and 3pm and as their enclosed area is completely barren now it means they have access to green and boy do they love green.

When Eric lets them out they chase after him, do they think he's Mother hen I wonder LOL.

This one in particular seems to love him or maybe she's after extra food LOL.

Hospital tomorrow toes crossed I get rid of the plaster cast.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

papermaze class kit

Vanessa from Papermaze always does a class kit for us at crop. They usually only cost a couple of pounds and are such good value as Vanessa tries to introduce us to new techniques.

June's class kit was using grungeboard, I hadn't tried it before and didn't really get why people were raving about it but having had a play I also love it.

I hand cut the leaves and Eric then painted them, inked them and embossed them. Messy but fun, not fun trying to paint the twine. OMG what a mess I made.

Crate papers Galaxy and Maze.

Sandy still doing really well and enjoying life.

Friday, 26 June 2009

5 days and counting

Dawn and I scrapped as per usual yesterday and I mentioned that I go back to the hospital Tuesday. So Dawn said hasn't it gone quick!!!!! OMG I nearly choked gone quick is she serious, I came very close to hitting her LOL.

We've booked ourselves another long weekend away, we had hoped to go in September but couldn't get in so we had to settle for 3rd October, hope it won't be too cold LOL. Not that it really matters as we're to busy scrapping to care.

I needed a book to draw my sketches in, I always just grab a bit of scrap paper then end up with scraps all over the place. Then I get fed up with scraps everywhere and chuck them out. I made this little book using some old papers that came in an album and then actually managed to use my BIA successfully for a change.

Decided to make one for Dawn as well, which she loved.

Also made a little mini word book for my Dad for Father's Day. Won't bore you with all the pages but here's a few.

Front cover

Dad as a young man

all of us many years ago LOL

and a more upto date photo

Thank you to everyone who asks how Sandy is doing, she's had a good week since we increased her pills and is still eating well and going for lots of walks.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Sandy and stuff

Some days are good and others not so good. The lump is growing but Sandy despite having problems bearing any weight through the leg is happy, eating well and enjoying short walks. Medication is still controlling her pain although we have had to increase it over the weekend. Sandy still looks as beautiful as ever and hasn't lost any weight or condition which makes it all the harder to come to terms with.

Taking it day by day now.

Last week wasn't a great week for me, I got a bit down and generally fed up with all the stuff but Dawn took me to Papermaze crop on Saturday which cheered me up no end. Didn't actually do much scrapping but it was so good to go out and talk to people LOl.

Yesterday I woke up feeling much happier and made a cake then pottered around in my newly erected greenhouse before Eric frog marched me back indoors. Finished off two layouts as well.

The makeover

When Eric announced he was buying an old horsebox for £50 we all fell around laughing BUT he definitely had the last laugh when he had finished working on it and had himself a huge trailer for £69.99!!!! PP are from October Afternoon.


Eric took this photo of Lucky last week and I had to scrap it, she just looks so pretty and of course it was to good an opportunity to use pink pp to miss. PP are all scraps left over from a previous layout.

Today I have started a diet, I have gained 7lbs since the op and news of Sandy's illness. Not good for my joints or how I feel about myself!!!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

one year today

Today is the first anniversary since little Rulu passed away. Not a day goes by when she doesn't pop into my head. I miss her more than words can ever express.

Sleeptight my little Roo xxx

Sandy had a bad yesterday after insisting on walking up to the meadow, it really was to far but it was probably her best chance of one final walk to her favourite place.

Today she declined the early morning walk because it's raining and Sandy doesn't do wet. She seems more comfortable this morning and is currently doing what Sandy does best. Reclining on the sofa with legs in the air purring...

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sad news!

Sandy woo has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma!

There is no treatment other than amputation and even in a young dog it would buy only a few months, Sandy is 10 1/2 and has arthritis in her front wrist and wouldn't be able to cope losing a back leg.

Having lost Dill and Mac to the same evil cancer, we know all we can do is keep her happy and manage her pain for the next few weeks.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Ipswich crop

What a lovely day out I had, a big thank you to Dawn for helping me, carrying all my stuff and keeping me supplied with cups of tea and to Janina for making sure I had a comfy spot where I didn't get in any ones way.

It was so good to actually go out and even better to be scrapping with my friends. Thank you everyone.

I'm not usually one for scraplifting but saw a LO in Scrapbooking Trends and loved it so much I decided to scraplift. The papers are Scenic Route, letter American Thickers, Papermania and rub ons. Brads Basic Grey and the cute little stamp which says "make your own happiness" is from Hero Arts.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.

And no I don't have a big printer, I cut the 12 x12 down to A4 size ran it through the printer than stuck it back together.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Clever Ranger

We've discovered Ranger likes to walk slowly under the willow tree letting the branches glide over him, guess it's like being tickled. Pretty clever I think!

He looks so aww and gooey.

I've decided to go to crop Saturday with Dawn's help yay!!!! not sure if I'll last all day and I'm sure I'll cause chaos with the zimmer frame but just to leave the house will be fantastic!

Sandy woo is troubled, her hip keeps giving away and is wobbly, she can't put any weight through her leg, so like me she's grounded. She doesn't seem to be in pain but we've got her on anti inflammatory. Can see another trip to the vets coming up.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New plaster

I went to hospital yesterday and had the cast removed, stitches out, x ray and a smaller cast put back on. Back in 4 weeks so fingers crossed it heals. Unfortunately I have to remain non weight bearing as much as possible, so me and the zimmer frame are still firmly attached *groan*.

Made loads of cards last week as it was easier than trying to get to scrapping stuff but yesterday I just had to scrap and luckily still had a class kit from Ang to play with.

Even though the photo was awful with the light bleaching it out I had to use it LOl... Ben doesn't yet understand that he really shouldn't open every one's cards and presents and blow out the candles when it's not HIS birthday LOL.

Papers are from basic Grey "Granola"

Poor Sandy Woo is on house arrest with me, one of her hips has got incredibly stiff over the last few days and this morning she could hardly walk, so I see yet another trip to the vets on the horizon.