Friday, 26 June 2009

5 days and counting

Dawn and I scrapped as per usual yesterday and I mentioned that I go back to the hospital Tuesday. So Dawn said hasn't it gone quick!!!!! OMG I nearly choked gone quick is she serious, I came very close to hitting her LOL.

We've booked ourselves another long weekend away, we had hoped to go in September but couldn't get in so we had to settle for 3rd October, hope it won't be too cold LOL. Not that it really matters as we're to busy scrapping to care.

I needed a book to draw my sketches in, I always just grab a bit of scrap paper then end up with scraps all over the place. Then I get fed up with scraps everywhere and chuck them out. I made this little book using some old papers that came in an album and then actually managed to use my BIA successfully for a change.

Decided to make one for Dawn as well, which she loved.

Also made a little mini word book for my Dad for Father's Day. Won't bore you with all the pages but here's a few.

Front cover

Dad as a young man

all of us many years ago LOL

and a more upto date photo

Thank you to everyone who asks how Sandy is doing, she's had a good week since we increased her pills and is still eating well and going for lots of walks.

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Carol said...

Hiya Girlie

Those books are gorgeous - you're Dad's looks FAB too hope that he liked it...

Thinking of you and Sandy - glad to hear that she's still wanting her walks and enjoying her food.

Hugz xx