Monday, 29 June 2009

200th blog entry!!!

I started my blog for two reasons, first up I needed somewhere to upload my "stuff" to share with friends and family. Secondly I wanted a project to play with when Eric went off and left me for two whole weeks. He and his friends went to the TT on the Isle of Mann to watches the motorbike racing and to celebrate their 30th anniversary of their first motorbike holiday together. Well I was mostly way to knackered to do much in those two weeks but I do enjoy going back and reading how I survived it all LOL.

So here I am 200 blog entries later still uploading bits and pieces and chatting on about the hounds etc.

So I thought I'd share some random photo's taken over the last week.

I walked down to the bottom of our drive last night and took a couple of shots of Eric and the six pack coming back from their walk.

It's no wonder people stop and stare LOL.

Vikki sent me this photo of Ben down at Felixstowe yesterday, cool dude or what LOl. He's growing up so fast now.

Me and the ducks having a cuddle

and I wanted some up to date shots of the girlies, the two dark brown ones are looking so good now but the other two still look scrawny. We've been letting them have the full use of the garden for a couple of hours each afternoon, it's too hot for the hounds to be out between 1pm and 3pm and as their enclosed area is completely barren now it means they have access to green and boy do they love green.

When Eric lets them out they chase after him, do they think he's Mother hen I wonder LOL.

This one in particular seems to love him or maybe she's after extra food LOL.

Hospital tomorrow toes crossed I get rid of the plaster cast.


Emma said...

WOW!! How Ben has grown!!
Hope that today has been OK at the hospital..


Jane said...

great photos Sue, love the blog so keep it going!!