Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Foot Update

After a very long hospital visit yesterday I have my cast off YAY! but have to stay non weight bearing for another 6 weeks as the consultant isn't sure how good a purchase the screw has. So back in 6 weeks for more x rays and a decision on whether to operate again to remove the screw or not. Hopefully or not LOL. Felt very deflated when I got home as I had the vision of popping on a shoe and walking off (ever the optimist) anyway we've cut my blue surgical shoe thingy around and it now feels like I have more support and had a very very long shower so foot feels much more comfortable.

So overall not as good as I was hoping but so bad either .....

I did a very quick layout yesterday and I mean quick, only took about 1 hour unheard of for me LOl. It's from an online class here

Bad photo it is straight really. Photo's are of Ben and my brothers boys Lewis and Owen. Neither photo was good enough to use on it's own but together they show what fun they were having.

Sandy is still very well!

Jim is moulting mega time, Eric took him outside and brushed him for over 30 minutes and filled a carrier bag full of white hair but still there is white hairs floating around the house like a snowstorm because of the fans...and why is it that all 6 dogs have decided they simply have to sleep in our bedroom in this heat!

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Jane said...

love the layout, it looks better than mine!!
glad the cast is off, try not to do too much!