Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Sandy update

Sandy started to struggle walking last Tuesday and hasn't got any better actually her front wrist (her always iffy one) is very swollen from taking the extra weight so getting about is difficult for her BUT she does still look good and her zest for life is as strong as always. Life is not fair.

Eric has come across an experimental alternative cancer drug called CV247, hellishly expensive (may be able to claim) but it has to be used with a special organic diet as follows.

20% raw fibrous veg -carrot lettuce apple pear banana
20% cooked fibrous veg - cabbage cauli broccoli
20% baked fibrous veg - oat flakes brow bread
20% cooked starchy veg - potatoes rice pasta
10% cooked animal - poultry veal rabbit
5% slightly cooked animal - egg fish
5% slightly cooked animal - liver not duck or goose

Now that takes your brain to a whole new level of OMG !!!!!!

Larger breed dogs such as greyhounds are more prone to getting bone cancer, quite often it appears on the site of an old injury and as most ex racing greyhounds have had injuries this ups the ante even more BUT we have also discovered that the high protein diet they are fed on to maximise their racing abilities is also another factor!

So yesterday I spent hours cooking up this new diet and working out the percentages not easy for one who is mathematically challenged, I've made up enough for several days.

I actually got round to starting the Jessica Sprague photo editing classes and altered the photo of Sandy. Only another 12 to go LOL. I am trying to do to much to free up some of Eric's time as he is busy working on the conservatory base, combined with a chest infection and horrible antibiotics has left me feeling worn out and frustrated at not going things done that I want/need to.

Brain is still AWOL, this morning I decided to make mushroom and chickpea pie for tea, got half way through and no mushrooms !!!! Talk about kicking a girl when she's down LOL.

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Jane said...

good luck with the treatment Sue and don't do too much!