Friday, 17 July 2009

Storms, rain, car and no electric.

Interesting week!!!

Sunday we had a power cut from 9.20am to 2.20pm and then from 5.20pm on and off mostly off until 10pm. Not funny when the washing machine, dishwasher and breadmaker were all in full swing. Ended up with salad for tea!!!!

Poor old Volvo and I mean old "F" reg had to have an MOT this week, we have to keep it rolling along for transport of the hounds and unbelievable it only needed a new break pipe THANK YOU LORD !!!!!

Eric has spend hours digging out the main pad for the conservatory base now the outer part is bricked up, but after last nights storms and torrential rain it looks like a swimming pool. He's not a happy bunny!

Thundering again now! girls are fine but the boys get very upset and agitated.

Scrapped with Dawn yesterday and finally got round to using some photo's of Vikki's birthday BBQ in May LOL

Crate paper "Lemon grass collection". Loosely based on an old Papermaze class kit by Wend.

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