Sunday, 24 March 2013

More snow

We are now officially in Spring and yet again more snow, started yesterday and we now have 4-6 inches! honestly will spring weather ever put in an appearance.

Eric and I have struggled on with filthy colds and generally feeling quite rotten but hounds are all well and happy.

Went to hospital Friday to see hand surgeon,  well what can I say it didn't go to plan, chap who went in before me was pacing up and down and looked agitated, we were sitting right next to the door and could hear him getting very angry, then all hell let loose and he upturned tables and cabinets, Eric rushed in to help my surgeon and got punched in the face before they were able to restrain him. Eventually I saw my surgeon but we were all very shaken up by then, x ray showed wrist fusion is good and we discussed what could be done to thumb as it has collapsed into palm of hand with no movement and the other 3 fingers which also don't move but decided I needed a break from this merry go round of operations and recovery. Decided to see him again in September and then decide which op to do next and how best to do it so I'm having the summer off yay! wanted to ask about other hand as I'm a tad worried the main nerve is again getting squashed again but my head was all over the place. Came home and 2 managers rung to thank Eric and then the police came to take statements. Rang us up at 10.30pm and woke us up to say he had been released with a caution and was very sorry. 
Saturday just as I got back from town when my hand surgeon arrived here with flowers champagne and chocolates as a thank you, he lives at least 40 miles away. He really is a lovely man, I've made him a funny card to say thank you for regrouping so quickly and seeing me so we could get home!

 My lovely flowers

 and the card I made my surgeon.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A quieter week

Thank goodness this week has been quieter! last week was all go LOL.

Twizzle has been to the vets for her annual boosters and check up and Tom our lovely vet said she was in super condition and couldn't find any trace of her back condition, I had gradually been reducing her pill until I stopped it altogether so that when she went to see Tom we could say it seemed better. The x rays indicated a congenital deformity with some of the disc's but it may have just been a trauma from which she has recovered.

Mojo has stopped one of his heart pills as they are very toxic to take long term so we're keeping a close eye on him, so far so good and Alfie and Orin are much happier and the tension between them has gone thank goodness. Gangley is still enjoying her walks and has regained some lost muscle and doesn't stumble no where near as much. Poor Belle has ripped her dew claw, we're hoping it will fall off on it's own as the vets would just pull it off and from past experience that's painful.

I was asked to make two cards, the first is for a 75 year old who was a former banker and this is what I made

the second well I was given so much info I didn't know where to start but the lady loved them both.

Finished a paper layout, it was a kit from papermaze last year and I managed to cobble some bits together to almost re-create it again as I loved it the first time. So it's me on the left then Vikki and Mum. taken in 2005!

Then I did a digi layout of my favourite photo ever of my daughter when she was 3 years old, her dress was green Velvet and it had a matching bag, I just love her cheeky little face, I've scrapped this photo before but it was in her album that I gave to on her 30th birthday!

So Eric has a filthy cold that just won't go (he's dead meat if I get it LOL) and I am on my 2nd course of anti biotics for a tooth infection, the tooth has to come out as well just to add insult to injury! Apart from that the Taylor human and hound pack are okay and have thoroughly enjoyed 2 days of sunshine this week and no muddy paws LOL.

Oh and my poor old faithful mobile phone finally bit the dust, after much research and trying different phones I now have a HTC windows8s and love it! very 21st century for me. I can actually speak commands like "call" or "text" and then speak the message cool   !!!!!!!!

Monday, 4 March 2013

The project

 On Saturday my cousin Sandra and her Mum had arranged a surprise birthday party for her Dad, my Uncle, for his upcoming 80th. Sandra had asked sometime ago if I would do a digital montage and then when we were discussing it she thought something for each table would be nice and I decided to do 4 flip books and print them twice so each table had a book and at the end of the party Uncle John could take one set home and Sandra the other.

So once I got going I really enjoyed doing them but have to admit was really nervous on Saturday as to what people would say! Uncle John loved them and I got lots of lovely compliments whew!

The party was a huge sucess, Sandra's son did all the catering and the food was fab! and Georgina one of Uncle John's grandaughter sang, she has the most amazing voice, another chap sang as well all the golden oldies and inbetween background music, which was great as you could actually talk to people and catch up. Best party I've been to for years.

This is the montage which we put in a clip frame measuring 20 inches x 16 inches.

 A flip book is simply 1 piece of 12 x 12 card stock folded both ways with a small piece taken out along one fold, so you end up with 4 6 x 6 squares on each side to put a layout on and then fold it up into a book.

Each book had the same front and back


Then I decided having seen the photo's to do the first book as son and brother

The second was family, husband, Dad and grandad.

The third his time in the army

and the last book was fun stuff.

 The layouts have been kept simple because with them being just 6 x 6 inches I wanted the main focus to be on the photo's. Eric was brilliant and spent a whole Sunday editing them for me as some were so old and in poor condition.

Have to say I'm really fired up to start my heritage family album now LOL.

Hounds are all well and happy AND Gangley who we have been walking twice a day to try and stop and further muscle wastage decided to go out and walk with the pack yesterday! really was a special moment as she hasn't been out with them for almost a year!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy Birthday Elmo

When we adopted Elmo we had to chose a birthday for him for his insurance so we decided that as his approx age when he arrived was probably about 12 months we would tie his birthday in with his gotcha day and today Elmo celebrates his 2nd birthday and one year gotcha day.

I made pilchard cake and poor Mojo has been beside himself all day waiting for a piece, I put in the pantry to cool down and bless him he's been hoping I'd forget to close the door so he could sneak in all day.

I did also make Eric a cake as it seemed a tad mean just to make one for the hounds LOL.

Happy Birthday Elmo xxxx (Elmo is the black dog)

Eric took a video whilst I sang Happy Birthday and I was going to post it but having listened to it I changed my mind because
a) I got the fit of giggles which turned into snorts
b) I can't sing
c) I sounded like a country bumpkin LOL.

trust me you're missing nothing.