Sunday, 24 March 2013

More snow

We are now officially in Spring and yet again more snow, started yesterday and we now have 4-6 inches! honestly will spring weather ever put in an appearance.

Eric and I have struggled on with filthy colds and generally feeling quite rotten but hounds are all well and happy.

Went to hospital Friday to see hand surgeon,  well what can I say it didn't go to plan, chap who went in before me was pacing up and down and looked agitated, we were sitting right next to the door and could hear him getting very angry, then all hell let loose and he upturned tables and cabinets, Eric rushed in to help my surgeon and got punched in the face before they were able to restrain him. Eventually I saw my surgeon but we were all very shaken up by then, x ray showed wrist fusion is good and we discussed what could be done to thumb as it has collapsed into palm of hand with no movement and the other 3 fingers which also don't move but decided I needed a break from this merry go round of operations and recovery. Decided to see him again in September and then decide which op to do next and how best to do it so I'm having the summer off yay! wanted to ask about other hand as I'm a tad worried the main nerve is again getting squashed again but my head was all over the place. Came home and 2 managers rung to thank Eric and then the police came to take statements. Rang us up at 10.30pm and woke us up to say he had been released with a caution and was very sorry. 
Saturday just as I got back from town when my hand surgeon arrived here with flowers champagne and chocolates as a thank you, he lives at least 40 miles away. He really is a lovely man, I've made him a funny card to say thank you for regrouping so quickly and seeing me so we could get home!

 My lovely flowers

 and the card I made my surgeon.


Sue said...

Very white and icy here, but no new snow today. Sun is out, so hopefully it will all go.

Love the card:) So glad no one was seriously hurt. So nice of your consultant to get you seen and to bring round the flowers, champagne and chocs.

Hope you can enjoy the summer and then sort out what the next phase is.

You take care and stay warmand safe.

hotpotato said...

Hope Eric's ok Sue and what a lovely surgeon you have.

gyeong said...

Not any better here. Cold rain into snow should be starting this morning. Ugh! Don't expect that kinda excitement at the doc's office. Hopefully the person will at least write or call to apologize.

What Remains Now said...

Now there's a doctor's appointment that won't soon be forgotten! As long as Eric is okay, he's got a good story to tell for a long time. He can say to Marc, "You think your job is tough, try taking your mom to a doctor's appointment." I think your doctor will get a big kick out of your card. How fun! I'm sorry to hear about your hands, but glad that you will get a break. Summer is a good time to take a break. Also, glad that all the hounds are well.

karen said...

OMG What an eventful visit to the hospital. Is Eric ok. Why aren't there more surgeons like him he sound like he's brilliant. Thank you for my birthday card

Hiking Hounds said...

Gosh, I so glad no one was hurt more seriously and I hope Eric recovered from the hit. I love the card. Glad you will get the summer off from surgeries.

Sandra's Spot said...

Blimey Sue I am astonished at your hospital visit and Eric the hero fantastic. Lovely flowers and I had a good chuckle at the card it's fab. Hope you cold goes soon. Hugs Sandra XXX