Thursday, 4 April 2013

Still snowing -seriously!

So Eric and I spent the long Easter weekend bank holiday in bed sick running fevers! we took turns and shifts in bed and the hounds were very helpful piling on top of us to help sweat it out LOL. We both still have hacking coughs but it appears we will live after all. On the plus side no chocolate passed these lips LOL.

Instead of an Easter egg I bought Eric this enormous walnut whip (his favourite) and inside there are 5 small walnut whips, he hasn't opened it yet but I think I may have to help him.

Just before I got sick I had set up the dining room for a serious card making session, well I have made a few ready to sell to raise money for greyhound gap, as usual photo's are rubbish but there is no light here at all today and yes it really is snowing again.

Going to crop on Saturday as I am definitely suffering from cabin fever now LOL.

Hounds have been fantastic and so quiet and well behaved whilst we were busy dying.

My son held the fist meeting for this years walk last night it's had to be put back as Stuart got accepted into the police force he was a community officer and they need him to complete his training so looks like it may be September. There is also a new member coming aboard a retired police officer whose hobbies include walking and wait for it photography, yup I will be in heaven getting some decent photo's LOL.

Now off to make a few more cards.

sue xxx


Carol said...

Hope that you and Eric are feeling much better now Sue...x hope you can make it Saturday. Your cards/folders/boxes for sale are gorgeous bet they go like hot cakes. xx

Sue said...

Hope you are both soon fighting fit.

WOW! I didn't know you could get Giant Walnut Whips.

Loving the cards, boxes and the folders.

Glad the pack are all behaving. Had to smile at them helping you sweat the fever out:)

Polly keeps trying to get up on me when I am sitting in the reclining chair. She only puts her front up and stands on her back legs.

Sure you will enjoy the crop.

Saw on FB about Walking the Beat. Hope it's not too hot in September (we should be so lucky:)).

What Remains Now said...

Sometimes I think it's better just to be sick together. In our house...misery loves company. It rarely happens like that though. Your cards are exceptional! I can't wait to learn more about this year's walk!

Declan said...

Glad you are feeling better. Did I spot an M&S walnut whip?! Mum says this: M&S Belgian chocolate & orange hot cross buns....we still have packets of them... nom nom nom!! Deccy x