Thursday, 25 April 2013

National adopt a greyhund month

So April is adopt a greyhound month how I wish we could but 7 hounds is probably quite enough. They have been so good recently are a much happier settled pack but still they take a lot of time and money and even though my heart says we need another greyhound my brain so NO!

Over the years we have been so lucky and had Puddin, Dill, Poppit, Sandy, Jim, Lucky, Mac, Ranger, Ruby and now Orin yup I love greyhounds but lurchers are fun as well just have so much more energy than you're average couch potato greyhound.

Eric and I are finally over THE BUG (touching wood) but Eric seems hell bent on causing himself injury, at the weekend a rib popped whilst just walking dogs and has been agony and then yesterday a saw shuddered and slipped cutting his arm very deep and narrowly missing the main artery. I honestly thought we would have to go to A & E but eventually stopped the bleeding and used loads of steri strips to close it.

I've been busy beavering away on a digital wedding album I was asked to do but can't show that yet even though I've finally finished it, made quite a few cards to order can't show them either LOL and been busy making my cards I sell for greyhound gap charity but both boxes are currently out for people to sell for me and I didn't photograph them LOL.

Last few days we have been enjoying warm days and no rain and just as we acclimatise to it it's set to turn cold and wet, hounds have had a ball sunbathing on the deck and I've rather enjoyed no muddy paws LOL.

Just 3 more weeks then I shall be off with Dawn to Norfolk on our yearly long weekend away, we just scrap, chat and chill and very occaisionally goes for walks on the beach, I need to see and smell the sea at least once a year so I'm already looking forward to that. Always good to step outside of the routine and recharge the batteries but then it's always just as good to come home, 3 days away is just perfect.

Sue x


hotpotato said...

7 hounds are definately enough Sue.

Sue said...

If money would allow, I'd have several Greyhounds, but for now one has to do;)

So glad Eric was ok. Hope his rib soon mends.

Glad you've been kept out of mischief:)

It's been lovely today, weith just one very short sharp shower this morning. Hate the thought of wet and cold weather coming.

Wish you were coming nearer to me, as I would have loved to meet up with you.

What Remains Now said...

So glad Eric is okay! Wow, that is scary. Your get-away always sounds so fun...and well-deserved. Looking forward to seeing your new things. You and Eric definitely get an A+ for Greyhound/Sighthound adoption.