Sunday, 23 February 2014


Friday Dawn and I scrapped and I did this layout of me, Eric and 8 of the 9 hounds. After taking the photo of the finished layout I spotted a mistake in the journaling that will need fixing grrrr

and yesterday it was crop and I did this layout of me and Ben counting down for the Christmas lights to be switched on. I love this page that Vanessa from  papermaze crop designed and will be doing it again for sure.

Which leaves just 2 more layouts to do to finish 2013 album. I am a little behind LOL.

We've just had two days of glorious sunshine and no rain, what a treat the hounds even got to play outside and soak up sun sunshine.

Eric recently got another motorbike (think that's number 9- but only two on the road LOL) since I had my knee replaced in 2008 I couldn't manage to ride on the back of his GPZ as it's a racing style and left my knee at a painful angle HOWEVER on this new one I have a proper seat and foot plate and it's so comfy. I gave my leathers away but luckily hung on to my helmet, boots and gloves and my sister kindly lent me her gear to wear. Can't wait for some warmer days to go out and about on it. Eric has always said bikes are for riding not polishing but he has turned into a polisher with all that chrome. So going to have to document that LOL.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Half Term

and Ben came for the day.

We made cakes

relaxed (whilst I did the washing up).....he used to love washing up  but not anymore apparently!

and crafted.
 Ben worked out how to make the roof and then found a punch to cut out paper for the tiles

 and as you see Ben was rather pleased with the house he made LOL.

Then he wondered if we could go outside and play football....................
NO Nanny was shattered.

Super day!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Having endured weeks of storms and rain and done nothing but moan about mud I realised watching the news a few nights ago that I should be grateful. So many people have had their homes flooded or destroyed by falling trees, so no more moaning about mud from me.

Scrapped with Dawn last Friday and did this layout of Ben's 8th birthday. It's based on a layout I've done before designed by Vanessa from Papermase. The little girl is one of Dawns grandaughters Jasmine. I've blurred her face out as they don't like her to appear on the web which is fair enough. I've also printed out the birthday invites I had designed for Ben's rollerskating party and popped it behind the photo, maybe it will be of interest to him when he's older.

Half term this week so tomorrow Ben will be here all day and has our day planned LOL. Making  cakes, arts and crafts and walking dogs.

On Sunday we finally had a lovely day and the hounds made the most of it playing outside and soaking up some sun for hours. Poor things have been stuck in doors apart from walks for weeks.

Gangley seems to have become frailer the last week or so but nothing wrong with her bark or appetite LOL.

More than half way through February and I still haven't finished my 2013 scrap album, hoping to get another couple done on Friday and at crop Saturday.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mojo is 14!

Well that's approx 14, impossible to say exactly with rescue dogs although Mojo was first rehomed via GG in 2005 and he was thought to be about 4/5 then.

Despite his serious heart condition he still loves to run off lead and the old silver fox is still full of himself and long may it continue!

 Got up early as it was crop day so I could make pilchard birthday cake before I left. Have to wait for cake photo as it's on Eric's mobile but here they all are tucking in.

Had a poorly Ben home Wednesday, sore throat and cough but basically  think he's just exhausted. He's had a lot of changes with moving house and school but apart from tired he's loving living out here.

 He spent the day snuggling up to all the hounds which was lovely for them all.

Actually managed a layout at crop LOL. photo of Eric and Ben looking very serious whilst playing a game on PC last August. I was horrified to discover I still needed to do 8 layouts to complete my 2013 album. Best get on with it!

Really enjoyed a break from muddy paws at crop yesterday, Janina always makes sure we have a lovely day and I won another prize a beautiful photo frame for multiple photo's.

Dad has had the all clear from hospital after his hip replacement and can resume driving.  Mum has been brilliant taking care of him and doing all the driving but is quite happy to let him take over now.

Gangley continues to be okay wobbly but eating well and enjoying little walks. Yesterday and today we have blue skies and no rain what a treat! everywhere is totally water logged with more heavy rain forecast this week.

Roll on spring!!!!

My friends greyhound Herbie has had his 3rd chemo session and is still doing well.