Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mojo is 14!

Well that's approx 14, impossible to say exactly with rescue dogs although Mojo was first rehomed via GG in 2005 and he was thought to be about 4/5 then.

Despite his serious heart condition he still loves to run off lead and the old silver fox is still full of himself and long may it continue!

 Got up early as it was crop day so I could make pilchard birthday cake before I left. Have to wait for cake photo as it's on Eric's mobile but here they all are tucking in.

Had a poorly Ben home Wednesday, sore throat and cough but basically  think he's just exhausted. He's had a lot of changes with moving house and school but apart from tired he's loving living out here.

 He spent the day snuggling up to all the hounds which was lovely for them all.

Actually managed a layout at crop LOL. photo of Eric and Ben looking very serious whilst playing a game on PC last August. I was horrified to discover I still needed to do 8 layouts to complete my 2013 album. Best get on with it!

Really enjoyed a break from muddy paws at crop yesterday, Janina always makes sure we have a lovely day and I won another prize a beautiful photo frame for multiple photo's.

Dad has had the all clear from hospital after his hip replacement and can resume driving.  Mum has been brilliant taking care of him and doing all the driving but is quite happy to let him take over now.

Gangley continues to be okay wobbly but eating well and enjoying little walks. Yesterday and today we have blue skies and no rain what a treat! everywhere is totally water logged with more heavy rain forecast this week.

Roll on spring!!!!

My friends greyhound Herbie has had his 3rd chemo session and is still doing well.


gyeong said...

Happy Bday, Mojo!!! Look the butt shots of everyone eating. Ben looks quite happy to stay home and snuggle with the pups.

hotpotato said...

Ah, ta for lovely comments Sue.
Look like them hounds are enjoying the fishy birthday cake.....lucky things.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Mojo. I hope you have plenty more.

Bet the hounds hope Ben is ill more often:)

Nice LO. Hope you get the rest done.

Glad you enjoyed the crop and won the prize.

So pleased your dad has the all clear.

Sending positive healing thoughts to Herbie and also Gangley.

What Remains Now said...

Happy Birthday, Mojo! Sounds like all is going well and that is wonderful. I too am ready for spring. We have so much's incredible.