Monday, 27 January 2014

A Christmas photo!

I decided to upload the photo's from daughters party at the weekend (Mathew's 40th/housewarming) and was so pleased to find we have a Christmas photo LOL. Guess Eric took whilst I was doing my dying swan act!

Also found this gorgeous photo of Gangley. Gangey has good days and then a few bad days but on the whole is pretty good. Others are all okay just fed up being confined to indoors because of the wet and mud!

Eric bought me the silhouette cameo for Christmas and I totally love it! even more so now I've finally managed to export an image from the digi programme I use to the silhouette which then cuts it out for me. It is a bit more long winded than I expected but I'm sure as I get used to doing it I will become quicker, so no more cutting fiddly bits out by hand when I want to do a hybrid layout!

Talking of hands went to see my hand surgeon Friday and whilst there are several issues going on we both felt as I'm managing it would be best to leave them alone for now.

Looking forward to scrapping on Friday with Dawn and going to Bramford crop on Saturday.

We've booked our scrapping break, off to Caistor as usual but have decided to go Monday to Friday this time and have the extra day we always say we want after a long weekend LOL. It's not until May but it's something to look forward too.


Sue said...

Loving the photos.

Sure you will get a lot of use from the Silhouette Cameo.

Hope your hands are ok for a long time before they decide to do anything.

I know you'll enjoy scrapping with Dawn on Friday and then the Crop on Saturday.

Nice to have a holiday to look forward to.

gyeong said...

I love finding unexpected photos that others have taken with my camera. What a nice surprise.

What Remains Now said...

Such sweet photos and your trip sounds like something extra wonderful to look forward to.