Friday, 10 January 2014

Better late than never!


So yet again I manged to miss all of Christmas and New Year but at least Mr T managed to keep me out of hospital this time! Finally starting to feel better and starting to function again.

It's an exciting weekend for us as our daughter and family are moving to the village and my grandson has started school over the road from us. It's going to be so good so see little Ben everyday, although doing the school run is taking some getting used to, I  am so worried about forgetting to collect him I have to set an alarm LOL.

Dogs are all well and were fantastic whilst I was busy dying, not helped by Eric also getting sick. Several days they did get a walk at all and were quiet as little mice. With weeks of storms and rain everywhere is water logged and once again we battle the mud, our garden always gets very muddy but it's now so bad I daren't even walk around it.

A few pages of an album I made as a Christmas present.

and I tried to get the 8 hounds in one photo but of course failed as usual.

Looking forward to life returning to normal and going to crop next weekend.

Great news Dad is making fantastic progress with his new hip and we're all very proud of him and Mum who has been a star taking such good care of him.

Herbie has had two sessions of chemo and is fully adapted to life on three legs.

Think that brings me up to date LOL.


karen barker said...

Glad your feeling better. Missed u at Bramford. Great layouts see you next Saturday

Jane said...

so pleased life is getting back to normal xx

Sue said...

Glad you survived the lurgy.

So nice that Vikki and family will be close.

Glad you dad is doing so well.

Good news about Herbie.

Sure you will have a fab time at the crop tomorrow..

gyeong said...

One day, you will be able to get all 8 :) Glad his chemo is going well.