Sunday, 19 January 2014

I scrapped!

Friday Dawn and I actually managed to have our normal scrap day, first time in ages and then Saturday I went to Papermaze crop and enjoyed a few well earned hours away from mud! With constant rain and storms everywhere is water logged and our garden is a bog. Poor dogs spend all day waiting for paws to dry out! It is very depressing.

This was a kit designed by Janet but as my photo was landscape and not portrait I made lots of changes and cuts lots of bits out using my new silhouette that I got for Christmas. Seems so long ago that that photo was taken just before Orin passed away so suddenly.

This one is a hybrid with some of it printed and some real!

Eric actually managed to get out in between showers last weekend on his bike and set up the thingy I bought him for Christmas which records distance and speed. He was very disappointed when it recorded 21mph as he had thought he must be doing 30mph LOL. We did laugh when he put the new sunglasses on as I had missed the ticket with retail price £49.99, poor Eric said I can't wear these they're too expensive what if I break them. Had to show him the receipt proving I paid £9.99 LOL.

Our daughter and family moved into the village last weekend and so now I get to take Ben to school when Vikki is working, first time he said Nanny I think I had better stay home with you I have a terrible tummy ache! 5 minutes later I caught him rolling around the bed playing with dogs, busted pal! nice try though ....

At the Christmas crop at Bramford I was lucky enough to win the star prize, a carousel for all your crafting bits and bobs, finally got around to sorting it out this week and I love it. Of course it had a roll on effect and I spent the rest of the week reorganising my crafting stuff.
So when I go to crop now I just put scissors etc in my tool bag and I'm sorted.

Other than being fed up with mud hounds are all well.

Herbie missed his 3rd chemo session as his blood count was low,  everyone is hoping it's just a blip. We've lost so many hounds to bone cancer and we only tried chemo the last time with Lucky but she never made it passed 2 cycles so desperatly hoping Herbie will be okay he really is greyhound gaps favourite hound totally adored by so many people.


What Remains Now said...

So nice to catch up with you. I sympathize with you over the mud. That will be our problem in a couple months. Right now, we have plenty of water too...only the frozen kind (snow). It's been super cold so our hounds go out and come right back in. I love that picture of the hounds greeting you. That is the sweetest picture ever. Of course, I had to laugh at Ben. What a clever boy!

Jane said...

looks like things are starting to improve, just wish the weather would!

gyeong said...

Heard the rain and flooding is bad over there. Hope it dries out soon. Both my girls missed their 3rd chemo as their white cells were too low. It's not uncommon. Stay strong, Herbie!

Sue said...

Glad you had a nice crafting session with Dawn. That's a lovely LO.

Loving the 'family' LO.

Glad Eric made it out on his bike. Had to laugh at the glasses. that was a good bargain:)

Bet the dogs would have loved to have had Ben at home with them:)

Nice to see your craft area. Are your two monitors working on the same PV?

Sending positive healing thoughts to Herbie.

tiffany said...

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