Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Aah & Eek!

It's half term here this week and yesterday I got to have Ben for the day. The sun came out and out of the wind it was mild! The hounds got to sunbathe on the deck whilst being by instructed Ben on how to play footie! boy were they tired hounds when Ben's Dad collected him LOL.
 Nearly got all 7 Alfie was off doing his own thing! Was lovely seeing Gangley join in and have some fun.

Eric came home early and was able to take Ben out on a full walk with the pack and I think we managed to tire the little man out as well. A really lovely day!

Another two digi layouts, the need to scrap has returned at last!

Almost had a disaster last night, as Eric set off for final walk of the day Belle's lead and collar somehow became detached and she shot off down the drive onto the main road, Eric called and she came back (guess the few minutes a day I try and spend on basics is working). Checked the collar and lead and could find no reason why it happened probably a freak accident but it's in the bin, boy was it a heart in the mouth moment!

Every morning when Eric gets ready to go for the walk Orin does this, wherever Eric walks he has a Orin in between his legs, what a twit, sure slows down the process of saddling everyone up!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Drum roll please

So I had a great day at crop and with my cousins help finished THE PROJECT!

Sunday when I got up Mr T says to be so you going to finally take the car out today? probably not I said I'm tired from yesterday!  Gangley and I enjoyed a lovely long walk in the sunshine and when we got back Mr T says Sue I really need something from Tesco's, so me and Gangley put our coats back on and I stomped out to the car only to have to stomp back for mobile, kind of lost some impact then LOl. The surgeon had said to me at the end of December as long as I strapped wrist I could start driving but with being sick and then all the snow it didn't happen and for the last few weeks I've kind of being bottling it! Driving wasn't a problem of course and I returned triumph to a very smug looking Mr T. I think with each of these operations I've lost a little bit more confidence at going out on my own and it seems harder to claw my way back. I am now (although wasn't at the time) glad I was pushed into doing it.

So feeling in rather a good mood I cracked on and finished the last 3 layouts for my 2012 album. My yearly album is always my favourite as it's almost a visual diary of our year.

it's been dry for 3 whole days !!! mud is still sticky but not wet dripping mud, yes I have become obsessed with mud, well if you had 23 paws to clean you might be as well LOL.

School half term here this week so helping out with looking after grandsons.

Hounds all okay (touching wood) and Gangley is really enjoying her walks, yesterday we met a sausage dog puppy well she towered over him, being 7.5kgs she's pretty small and lives with giants she was so excited to see this little dog I've never seen her tail wag so much before, brought a lump to my throat. Her appetite is really poor and we're constantly trying to tempt with special food which the others are quite desperate for.

sue x

Friday, 15 February 2013


Well it's been a busy few weeks in the Taylor house. Mojo continues to do well and Gangley is now going on two walks a day, 1 small one with me in the morning and a longer one with her Dad in the afternoon, she doesn't seem to be as wobbly.

Grandson Harvey was 7 this week, so we went over for a birthday tea, he's off with some friends tomorrow to watch the Ipswich v Blackpool match. I had to keep my coat on as it was so darn cold in their house!

Made Eric a valentine card which he loved and have been beavering away on a secret project for someone else which I will show next month.


The Greyhound gap auction was extended by a week and my bits raised £59.50 and Eric offer of a bespoke hound weather vane made a whooping £75! £1,600 pounds was raised which sounds brilliant until you hear that last months kennelling bill and vet fees came to £4,500! The doors were once again shut to incoming dogs and then 3 emergencies came in which was part of an ongoing situation to try and rescue them. An appeal was put out for anyone to squeeze in another foster hound BUT after much thought we decided with two poorlie hounds and the pack still a bit unsettled that we couldn't manage number 8, we felt very guilty but sometimes your own pack has to come first.

Looking forward to crop tomorrow.

Right I have some how clicked on something and every post or comment I type is tiny, I can barely read them, looks okay when published but if anyone knows what I've done and how to put it right put me out of my misery please, happened once before and I fixed it but blowed if I can this time!.

Sue x
PS we are sinking in MUD, if any thing it is worse, I am now officially sick of mud!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mojo and the vets

So Mojo went back towards the vets yesterday and had his stitches out and another session on the ECG machine! despite them calling Eric in to sit with him and try and calm Mojo down that he was so scared that they couldn't get a true reading. Vet is pleased with how he is so we'll continue with meds and back in another month,

As you can see Orin and Mojo are friends again LOL.

Gangley is going out daily on little walks with me, which we both enjoy once out, have to confess it's an effort especially as it's so darn cold LOL Then later Eric has started taking her out for a longer walk (much further than I could manage) and she really surpriseed us by not only coping but enjoying a full walk.

and she even tucked into a bone yesterday, normally she spends hours hiding and burying it before losing interest but yesterday she stood on the spot she was given it and tucked in, go Gangles.

Have just started working on a project for my cousin so have to get my head down and get stuck in LOL.

Nealy all the cards I made to raise some money for Greyhound Gap have gone, shall have to make loads more after I finish the project.

All hounds are well and happy (she says touching wood).

Sue x

Monday, 4 February 2013

A rare photo of all 7 Taylor hounds! the attraction was Mojo's pilchard birthday cake LOL.
Left to right Little Gangley, Alfie Bear, Elmo, Belle (sitting) Orin, Twizzle and birthday boy Mojo.

Mojo is continuing to do well on his medication and will see Mr vet again Wednesday to have stitches removed and another go on the ECG machine to see what is heart is up to.

Gangley is really enjoying going out each day on a walk and I've started to increase the distance a little bit, yesterday she stumbled and fell twice but picked herself up and carried on not the least bit bothered, more upsetting for the humans.

Orin is pretty much back to his normal self, so what ever was unsettling him seems to have gone, it's lovely having the silly clown back, didn't like him being so on edge and unsettled.

Belle had her first off lead run up the meadow yesterday, Eric said the timing felt right and she was very good, came back each time he called and then was sent off again. Belle was very tired last night LOL and I felt ridiculously proud!

My daughter and family acquired a dog at the end of last year. They had promised Ben after America he could have one, having grown up with all our hounds he adores dogs and despite getting gold fish this didn't prove to be an acceptable alternative for a much wanted dog. Archie is allegedly a labdoodle, he's approx 1 year old and weighas 33.5kgs quite a big fella! Last week Wednesday he went in to have his bits off. Unfortunately he hit big problems, first his blood wouldn't clot and he needed an injection then he had such a severe reaction to the GA that he couldn't eat or drink for 3 days, another trip to the vets and another anti sickness jab, by which time the vet was getting concerned, we had suggested Vikki try and syringe water into him which seemed to help and finally yesterday he ate and drank and decided he felt well enough to go for a drive LOL,  Will so have to scrap this photo it's priceless.

Had a good day at crop, Dawn has been really poorly so had to go on my own. Janina puts a lot of effort into her crops and I really enjoy being able to meet friends and browse bits to buy and as for goodies to eat all I'll say is oh dear oh dear anyway I was very sensible and rang Eric to collect me as soon as I started to get tired, even did a paper layout woohoo...It felt very good getting out for a few hours after what feels like being ill forever LOL.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy Birthday Mojo

Today is Mojo's birthday (well the one we gave him) and being a lurcher you can never be sure of their true age but we're calling it 11 LOL.

Pilchard cake is in the oven baking for tonight and even sausages have been cooked!

Mojo is so much more like his usual self so hoping the meds are helping him.

Mojo arrived as an emergency foster dog from greyhound gap in June 2010 whilst I was away for the weekend, when I came home he put his head into my lap and looked up at me with his huge brown eyes and I knew he wouldn't leave!


Mojo slipped into the pack as though he'd always been part of it and never caused any problems, he's gone a bit white around the face this last year but still his greatest joy in life is too run free everyday up the meadow, even his dickie heart hasn't slowed him down.

Happy Birthday Moo moo man, we love you loads xxxx