Monday, 18 February 2013

Drum roll please

So I had a great day at crop and with my cousins help finished THE PROJECT!

Sunday when I got up Mr T says to be so you going to finally take the car out today? probably not I said I'm tired from yesterday!  Gangley and I enjoyed a lovely long walk in the sunshine and when we got back Mr T says Sue I really need something from Tesco's, so me and Gangley put our coats back on and I stomped out to the car only to have to stomp back for mobile, kind of lost some impact then LOl. The surgeon had said to me at the end of December as long as I strapped wrist I could start driving but with being sick and then all the snow it didn't happen and for the last few weeks I've kind of being bottling it! Driving wasn't a problem of course and I returned triumph to a very smug looking Mr T. I think with each of these operations I've lost a little bit more confidence at going out on my own and it seems harder to claw my way back. I am now (although wasn't at the time) glad I was pushed into doing it.

So feeling in rather a good mood I cracked on and finished the last 3 layouts for my 2012 album. My yearly album is always my favourite as it's almost a visual diary of our year.

it's been dry for 3 whole days !!! mud is still sticky but not wet dripping mud, yes I have become obsessed with mud, well if you had 23 paws to clean you might be as well LOL.

School half term here this week so helping out with looking after grandsons.

Hounds all okay (touching wood) and Gangley is really enjoying her walks, yesterday we met a sausage dog puppy well she towered over him, being 7.5kgs she's pretty small and lives with giants she was so excited to see this little dog I've never seen her tail wag so much before, brought a lump to my throat. Her appetite is really poor and we're constantly trying to tempt with special food which the others are quite desperate for.

sue x


What Remains Now said...

So glad that Gangley is doing well and was able to be the tall one of the group for once. It made me laugh to think of the others' confusion over Gangley passing up the yummy desirable food. Of course, I'm always amazed with your pages. I particularly like the idea behind the "photo a month." I'm glad Eric pushed you and you were triumphant. You've got a lot going on!

Sue said...

So glad Eric got you out driving. Men can be so sneaky:)

Glad the Project is done and you got to do your yearly album. Looks fab.

Sorry, but I always smile at the odd number of legs.

Soi glad Gangley is enjoying the walks and that she met a friend. Hope her appetite soon picks up. Maybe it's the tablets doing it.

Have fun with your grandson.