Friday, 1 February 2013

Happy Birthday Mojo

Today is Mojo's birthday (well the one we gave him) and being a lurcher you can never be sure of their true age but we're calling it 11 LOL.

Pilchard cake is in the oven baking for tonight and even sausages have been cooked!

Mojo is so much more like his usual self so hoping the meds are helping him.

Mojo arrived as an emergency foster dog from greyhound gap in June 2010 whilst I was away for the weekend, when I came home he put his head into my lap and looked up at me with his huge brown eyes and I knew he wouldn't leave!


Mojo slipped into the pack as though he'd always been part of it and never caused any problems, he's gone a bit white around the face this last year but still his greatest joy in life is too run free everyday up the meadow, even his dickie heart hasn't slowed him down.

Happy Birthday Moo moo man, we love you loads xxxx


Jane said...

Happy Birthday Mojo xx

gyeong said...

Happy Bday!!! What a cute lurcher you are.

What Remains Now said...

Happy Birthday, Mojo! So glad you a feeling better so you can really enjoy your special day.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Mojo. Enjoy the suasages and Pilchard Cake. Polly wishes we lived closer, as she'd be round to help you eat that:)

Sue you are so lucky to have such a wonderful fella. He has such a kind face.

Hope he has many many more birthdays.