Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Aah & Eek!

It's half term here this week and yesterday I got to have Ben for the day. The sun came out and out of the wind it was mild! The hounds got to sunbathe on the deck whilst being by instructed Ben on how to play footie! boy were they tired hounds when Ben's Dad collected him LOL.
 Nearly got all 7 Alfie was off doing his own thing! Was lovely seeing Gangley join in and have some fun.

Eric came home early and was able to take Ben out on a full walk with the pack and I think we managed to tire the little man out as well. A really lovely day!

Another two digi layouts, the need to scrap has returned at last!

Almost had a disaster last night, as Eric set off for final walk of the day Belle's lead and collar somehow became detached and she shot off down the drive onto the main road, Eric called and she came back (guess the few minutes a day I try and spend on basics is working). Checked the collar and lead and could find no reason why it happened probably a freak accident but it's in the bin, boy was it a heart in the mouth moment!

Every morning when Eric gets ready to go for the walk Orin does this, wherever Eric walks he has a Orin in between his legs, what a twit, sure slows down the process of saddling everyone up!


Sue said...

So glad Belles came back. i had a lead that did that. When I looked at it I realiosed the trigger for the clasp was too high and it easily got moved allowing it to unhook from the collar.

Lovely photos of the pack. Had to laugh at Orin:)

Fab LOs.

gyeong said...

Looks like everyone wanted to catch some sun before it went into hiding again. Guess Orin wants to make sure he doesn't get left behind :)

What Remains Now said...

Love seeing all the hounds getting some time in the sun. It looks beautiful. That picture of Ben with Gangley and Belle is SO CUTE! Casper does the same thing Orin does. Wonder if it's a genetic thing (ha). Casper loves to wedge his head almost anywhere...between legs, under Freedom, between me and the couch arm when I'm on the computer. Guess he figures that wedge-face should be put to use. So glad Belle came back. That puts me in mind of a funny (funny because it turned out okay) story about when Casper got out. I think I feel a blog post coming on.

Carol said...

what great piccies of the pack and Ben, Sue - glad to see that they are all enjoying the mild weather of the last few days.

Had to laugh at Orin - what a poppet.