Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy Birthday Elmo

When we adopted Elmo we had to chose a birthday for him for his insurance so we decided that as his approx age when he arrived was probably about 12 months we would tie his birthday in with his gotcha day and today Elmo celebrates his 2nd birthday and one year gotcha day.

I made pilchard cake and poor Mojo has been beside himself all day waiting for a piece, I put in the pantry to cool down and bless him he's been hoping I'd forget to close the door so he could sneak in all day.

I did also make Eric a cake as it seemed a tad mean just to make one for the hounds LOL.

Happy Birthday Elmo xxxx (Elmo is the black dog)

Eric took a video whilst I sang Happy Birthday and I was going to post it but having listened to it I changed my mind because
a) I got the fit of giggles which turned into snorts
b) I can't sing
c) I sounded like a country bumpkin LOL.

trust me you're missing nothing.


What Remains Now said...

This post has me smiling and laughing. Happy Birthday, Elmo! Sue...You sure do look like a very popular girl. You have everyone's attention.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Elmo and Happy Gotcha Day.

Love the last photo with you and all the pack.

gyeong said...

Happy Birthday & Gotcha day, Elmo! When there's cake, everyone shows up for the party.