Monday, 4 March 2013

The project

 On Saturday my cousin Sandra and her Mum had arranged a surprise birthday party for her Dad, my Uncle, for his upcoming 80th. Sandra had asked sometime ago if I would do a digital montage and then when we were discussing it she thought something for each table would be nice and I decided to do 4 flip books and print them twice so each table had a book and at the end of the party Uncle John could take one set home and Sandra the other.

So once I got going I really enjoyed doing them but have to admit was really nervous on Saturday as to what people would say! Uncle John loved them and I got lots of lovely compliments whew!

The party was a huge sucess, Sandra's son did all the catering and the food was fab! and Georgina one of Uncle John's grandaughter sang, she has the most amazing voice, another chap sang as well all the golden oldies and inbetween background music, which was great as you could actually talk to people and catch up. Best party I've been to for years.

This is the montage which we put in a clip frame measuring 20 inches x 16 inches.

 A flip book is simply 1 piece of 12 x 12 card stock folded both ways with a small piece taken out along one fold, so you end up with 4 6 x 6 squares on each side to put a layout on and then fold it up into a book.

Each book had the same front and back


Then I decided having seen the photo's to do the first book as son and brother

The second was family, husband, Dad and grandad.

The third his time in the army

and the last book was fun stuff.

 The layouts have been kept simple because with them being just 6 x 6 inches I wanted the main focus to be on the photo's. Eric was brilliant and spent a whole Sunday editing them for me as some were so old and in poor condition.

Have to say I'm really fired up to start my heritage family album now LOL.

Hounds are all well and happy AND Gangley who we have been walking twice a day to try and stop and further muscle wastage decided to go out and walk with the pack yesterday! really was a special moment as she hasn't been out with them for almost a year!


Jane said...

absolutely gorgeous Sue, they must have been thrilled. Well worth the effort and all that worry!!

Nic said...

Stunning work as always Sue. No wonder your cousin and Uncle were thrilled.

hotpotato said...

It's stunning Sue, something to really treasure.

What Remains Now said...

There just aren't words for how much I admire your work, Sue. I am completely blown away. How lovely! and so generous of you to put this all together. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to your uncle. And...hurray for Gangley!

Sue said...

WOW!!!!! They are just fabby. i bet your uncle was thrilled with them.

So glad you had a fab time.

Really pleased Gangley is enjoying her walks.

Janet said...

Amazing work Sue,great photo's
Janet x

Sandra's Spot said...

Sue can't thank you enough for all the books and montage Dad just loved them and we all think you are very talented. Thank you and Hugs xxx