Thursday, 7 March 2013

A quieter week

Thank goodness this week has been quieter! last week was all go LOL.

Twizzle has been to the vets for her annual boosters and check up and Tom our lovely vet said she was in super condition and couldn't find any trace of her back condition, I had gradually been reducing her pill until I stopped it altogether so that when she went to see Tom we could say it seemed better. The x rays indicated a congenital deformity with some of the disc's but it may have just been a trauma from which she has recovered.

Mojo has stopped one of his heart pills as they are very toxic to take long term so we're keeping a close eye on him, so far so good and Alfie and Orin are much happier and the tension between them has gone thank goodness. Gangley is still enjoying her walks and has regained some lost muscle and doesn't stumble no where near as much. Poor Belle has ripped her dew claw, we're hoping it will fall off on it's own as the vets would just pull it off and from past experience that's painful.

I was asked to make two cards, the first is for a 75 year old who was a former banker and this is what I made

the second well I was given so much info I didn't know where to start but the lady loved them both.

Finished a paper layout, it was a kit from papermaze last year and I managed to cobble some bits together to almost re-create it again as I loved it the first time. So it's me on the left then Vikki and Mum. taken in 2005!

Then I did a digi layout of my favourite photo ever of my daughter when she was 3 years old, her dress was green Velvet and it had a matching bag, I just love her cheeky little face, I've scrapped this photo before but it was in her album that I gave to on her 30th birthday!

So Eric has a filthy cold that just won't go (he's dead meat if I get it LOL) and I am on my 2nd course of anti biotics for a tooth infection, the tooth has to come out as well just to add insult to injury! Apart from that the Taylor human and hound pack are okay and have thoroughly enjoyed 2 days of sunshine this week and no muddy paws LOL.

Oh and my poor old faithful mobile phone finally bit the dust, after much research and trying different phones I now have a HTC windows8s and love it! very 21st century for me. I can actually speak commands like "call" or "text" and then speak the message cool   !!!!!!!!


Carol said...

Hi Sue

I've just been catching up on your blog.

Did Eric enjoy his pilchard cake too??? lol hope that Elmo had a wonderful birthday.

That album you did for John is fantastic and what a great keepsake - you've captured so much....amazing how much Timmy takes after him!

those cards are fantastic - great images.

See you soon xx

Sue said...

So glad the dogs are doing well. Fab nes about Twizzle.

Hope you don't get Eric's cold.

Fabby LOs and the two cards is great.

Hiking Hounds said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Quiet weeks are nice.

What Remains Now said...

Hi Sue! Sounds like all the hounds are doing well and that is a huge blessing. Our Nikki broke a nail and I feel bad for her because I know it hurts. The two cards you made are much detail. Lovely LOs. Particularly loving the one of Vikki. My little gal will graduate from university in May. Time goes so fast. Tell Eric I feel bad for him and hope he shakes it soon. Keep your distance (ha).

Jay said...

Those cards are gorgeous! You're very talented.

Janet said...

Hi Sue fab cards & layout, hope anti boc's are working,I'm on some for the same reason,see you next week
Janet x

Nic said...

Fab cards and LO's as always Sue.

Nic said...

Fab cards and LO's as always Sue.

Declan said...

I'm sorry....I can't get beyond pilchard cake!!! Deccy x

Sandra's Spot said...

Wonderful cards Sue and the pages look brilliant. Hugs Sandra X