Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ta dah!!!

So here it is LOL !!!! cushions all neatly arranged, clean and tidyish. Still bits and bobs to add but it's coming together rather nicely and boy oh boy is it warm in there this morning.

We had friends call round unexpectedly last night so the conservatory was used for the first time to entertain and it did feel really nice.

I shall at some point put a sequence of photo's together showing it from start to end but maybe not just yet as I'm under pressure with several projects LOL.

Hospital was ******* arthritis count was lowish which surprised me given the problems I'm having with my hands but the consultant thinks I have pleurisy so have to go all the way up to Ipswich hospital tomorrow for x rays, not a happy bunny.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Thought it was about time I did a proper round up LOL.

Jim is much better and has turned the corner, this morning he demanded to go out for a walk LOL. He's booked in to see the vet next week and will have his stitches removed from his pad then but he is now starting to put more weight on it thank goodness is back to his happy self.

Alfie, Lucky and Gangley are fine, although Gangley has had two baths this weekend. She dug up a bird Eric had buried and then proceeded to roll in it. She was duly bathed as the stench was awful and blow me found something else awful to roll in the next day.

After a very stressful week with the wrong carpet being delivered etc etc etc we now have carpet laid in the conservatory, porch and kitchen AND two lovely wicker sofa's..have to say it is beginning to look gorgeous and almost finished. Eric has worked his socks off all weekend, so the inside is pretty much down to me now to finish off. Of course I've had 10 months at least to come up with stuff for the walls and have yet to start LOL. But the cushions I designed and Mum made look fab!

I haven't actually done much scrapping as my hands continue to be bothersome but did finally finish this off at crop.

I'm very into distress inks and all things messy after going to a workshop at papermaze run by Carol a few Saturdays ago and that LO did have a very grungy inky border that I then one step to far with and it had to be cut right down and rescued. Even the photo had to be re printed as I managed to cover that in ink as well.

I've also been very busy in the greenhouse potting on all my little seedlings that seem to have survived my attentions and now have loads of busy Lizzie's, petunia's, geranium's, etc etc and so many tomato plants and herbs LOL.not sure where they'll all go but I've enjoyed myself.

So I'll finish with a photo of the conservatory empty of tools and just before the carpet went down and maybe I'll try to remember to take some photo's tonight of how it looks after I get all my lovely cushions out and have a play...

Sunday, 25 April 2010


I've had several people contacting me etc worried as I haven't updated my blog for ages, truth is I've been feeling rotten with inflamed ribs and chest. It has some fancy name but is commonly called devil's grip and with good reason. So coupled with hands still refusing to co-operate not much crafting has been done.

Jim finally seems to be improving and we're hoping his stitch will come out this week.

On a brighter note ****drum roll*****

The conservatory now has furniture and carpet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still have to go in and arrange stuff etc but MR T is laying more carpet today in the kitchen then we'll have to have a clean up and then hopefully we'll be almost done. Photo's to follow.

Talking of Mr T I can officially confirm Winter is finished as yesterday he put his shorts on LOL the girls at tesco's had been asking when he would for several weeks. People very often say to me oh is your husband the man that wears shorts all year with all the dogs to which I reply NO I hide his shorts away from him between November and April otherwise he would...

Friday, 9 April 2010

Poorly paw!

A photo of Jim and his poorly paw!

Actually he hasn't been as pained or distressed as we thought, slept all night and ate a good breakfast. He's spent the day keeping me and Dawn company scrapping.

Finished off this layout that I start at crop last week. It's a class kit by Vanessa for Papermaze crop and uses the beautiful Prima papers "Flight of Fancy" Basic Grey "Sugar Rush" and BoBunny Delilah Promise. The journalling tag was made using distress inks. Photo is of me, Vikki and Mum taken in 2005 when Vikki was pregnant with Ben.

Talking of distress inks, I'm off to a workshop at Papermaze tomorrow that Carol is doing on distress inks. Really looking forward to it. My collection of distress inks is growing by the week, my desk is cluttered with bits of paper that I have distressed LOL.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wobby and spaced out

Jim is home from the vets and is very wobbly and spaced out but he's HOME!!! don't really know what they did as haven't spoken to the vet but the nurse said it went well just took longer than expected. Bandage off Saturday then back in 7 days.

Had a rotten morning everything I did went wrong, tried so hard to keep busy and try not to worry but I burnt the buns, drop some seeds and now don't know if I've planted sweetpeas or gravel LOL hey ho...doesn't seem to matter now the Buba is home...

Not sure if I'll scrap with Dawn tomorrow shall wait and see how Jim is overnight. He usually gets very anxious after GA's and needs his Mummy's full attention LOL.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Today Vikki came over with Ben and Harvey.

First up they decorated the mugs I bought them.

Then roared around the garden, Alfie Bear had such fun playing with them.

After lunch we then went to the park, where Harvey proceeded to give me heart failure with his dare devil antics.

The boys are only 8 weeks apart in age but as different as chalk and cheese. Ben thinks about things before deciding where as Harvey just rushes on it LOL.

Spare a though for Jim, he's back to the vets tomorrow for yet another op. The corn that was removed has returned already, so this time he has to have a GA and they will go in much deeper. I so wish we didn't have to do this to Jim but he can't take his weight through the pad and when you're down to 3 legs it is a big problem.

How cute is Jim with his tongue hanging just chilling out LOL..