Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wobby and spaced out

Jim is home from the vets and is very wobbly and spaced out but he's HOME!!! don't really know what they did as haven't spoken to the vet but the nurse said it went well just took longer than expected. Bandage off Saturday then back in 7 days.

Had a rotten morning everything I did went wrong, tried so hard to keep busy and try not to worry but I burnt the buns, drop some seeds and now don't know if I've planted sweetpeas or gravel LOL hey ho...doesn't seem to matter now the Buba is home...

Not sure if I'll scrap with Dawn tomorrow shall wait and see how Jim is overnight. He usually gets very anxious after GA's and needs his Mummy's full attention LOL.

1 comment:

kelly said...

Ahh! i HOPE POOR Jim i feeling better soon and you get your sweetpeas and are able to get some scrapping done soon!