Sunday, 25 April 2010


I've had several people contacting me etc worried as I haven't updated my blog for ages, truth is I've been feeling rotten with inflamed ribs and chest. It has some fancy name but is commonly called devil's grip and with good reason. So coupled with hands still refusing to co-operate not much crafting has been done.

Jim finally seems to be improving and we're hoping his stitch will come out this week.

On a brighter note ****drum roll*****

The conservatory now has furniture and carpet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still have to go in and arrange stuff etc but MR T is laying more carpet today in the kitchen then we'll have to have a clean up and then hopefully we'll be almost done. Photo's to follow.

Talking of Mr T I can officially confirm Winter is finished as yesterday he put his shorts on LOL the girls at tesco's had been asking when he would for several weeks. People very often say to me oh is your husband the man that wears shorts all year with all the dogs to which I reply NO I hide his shorts away from him between November and April otherwise he would...

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Jane said...

sorry you've been feeling so rough Sue but pleased the carpet has finally been laid :)