Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Today Vikki came over with Ben and Harvey.

First up they decorated the mugs I bought them.

Then roared around the garden, Alfie Bear had such fun playing with them.

After lunch we then went to the park, where Harvey proceeded to give me heart failure with his dare devil antics.

The boys are only 8 weeks apart in age but as different as chalk and cheese. Ben thinks about things before deciding where as Harvey just rushes on it LOL.

Spare a though for Jim, he's back to the vets tomorrow for yet another op. The corn that was removed has returned already, so this time he has to have a GA and they will go in much deeper. I so wish we didn't have to do this to Jim but he can't take his weight through the pad and when you're down to 3 legs it is a big problem.

How cute is Jim with his tongue hanging just chilling out LOL..


Carol said...

Sue sending loads of love and hugs your way for tomorrow! really hoping that Jim is ok - please let me knowxx

Just had Ty's annual insurance renewal tho'...................OMG!!

Great piccies of the boys...sounds like you all had a great time...


kelly said...

Oh poor Jim!! I hope he is feeling much better soon. Will be thinking about him tomorrow x