Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ta dah!!!

So here it is LOL !!!! cushions all neatly arranged, clean and tidyish. Still bits and bobs to add but it's coming together rather nicely and boy oh boy is it warm in there this morning.

We had friends call round unexpectedly last night so the conservatory was used for the first time to entertain and it did feel really nice.

I shall at some point put a sequence of photo's together showing it from start to end but maybe not just yet as I'm under pressure with several projects LOL.

Hospital was ******* arthritis count was lowish which surprised me given the problems I'm having with my hands but the consultant thinks I have pleurisy so have to go all the way up to Ipswich hospital tomorrow for x rays, not a happy bunny.


Jane said...

sorry you're not well Sue, hope it gets sorted quickly. It all looks very posh now, you must be pleased.

Nikki said...

I love it Sue. It was worth all the hard work.

hotpotato said...

Love the finished result Sue.........hope all goes well at hospital.

Carol said...

Sue - WOW what a gorgeous room and well done Mr T he's done a fab job!xx

Sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well - hope that you get answers at the hospital.

Been catching up - glad to hear that Jim is feeling a bit better and that layout of Vicki and Ben is lovely.

Take care xx