Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I love you

Yesterday I had to unexpectedly go out and had no choice other than to take Cane with me, poor little chap cried, suspect he thought oh no I'm off again! but when we came back boy was he happy and ran round giving all the dogs a lick and even Mojo wagged his tail and let Cane cuddle up to him!

Cane has whippet in him and that means he is allowed to walk no that's not right, it's his god given right to walk over everyone LOL, he doesn't half push his luck. So far no one has told him off!

We seem to be short on sofa spaces so Alfie decided to be a lap dog!

Lucky is still sore and stiff despite upping the steroids! but I think her wrists are slightly less swollen today.

Now why would you decide to have a cooking frenzy whilst watching a poopie, beats me but this morning I made a vegetable stew, a quiche, veggie sausage rolls and rock buns! feeling a tad tired now and have a friend arriving shortly so nap today!.

Maybe I'm trying to prove to Eric I can still function whilst looking after you know who LOL....

When Eric left this morning I heard crying and went to investigate expecting it to be Cane but no Cane was busy playing and Alfie was the culprit! Cane is making good progress on all fronts and is really just the sweetest little man despite being exhausting. I am really getting way to attached to him.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Mud mud horrible mud!

Where we live the earth is clay, which means in the summer it's like rock hard and splits open and in the winter it just turns to mud and when I say mud I mean mud, my whole house feels like it's coated in blasted mud. One is very fed up with wiping wet dirty muddy pasws!

Anyway Cane has had a good weekend and I sense a thawing in Mojo's behaviour with him, only one blot on the copy book which was partly my own fault. I had been reading and went off to make a cuppa taking my kindle with me but leavings reading glasses behind, went back not 5 minutes later and specs have gone to doggy heaven, probably met up with the pair Alfie chewed when he first arrived! He's met lots of new dogs and shows no fear or aggression, has started to greet humans and hounds with licks across your face and seems much more settled. Spoke to Lisa about him crying when Eric goes out and both she and Eric agree he's not crying for Eric but his source of walks has gone out. So the plan is when going for walks leave by back door when leaving for other reasons ie work leave by a different door. We shall see I suspect he smarter than that.

Lucky's poly arthritis has flared up and she's been very stiff and sore all weekend, we've increased her steroids and keeping everything crossed she will be well enough for chemo on Friday. 

I seem to spend all ay chasing my tail or checking up on Cane and have not been very productive but today for the first time since he arrived I managed to have my  after lunch rest as he was sparked out LOL.

Seriously how can that be comfortable but he was like that for over an hour LOL.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Round up!

So Cane has been here 1 week today!

He's learning the ropes and doing quite well, still need eyes in the back of your head but there is a problem developing. When Eric leaves the house Cane cries, started off just a few wimpers but has escalated each day and this morning was a full blown hissy fit! I suspect he sees Eric as head of the pack and as such is his security. He hasn't cried when I've popped outside to do hens etc but I am goinng out this morning and wonder if it will provoke a reaction. Other than that the pack seem to be getting used to him and make allowances for him being so young. He sure has livened things up around here.

Lucky is now off all her medcation and is coping really well, she seems just like the Lucky of old, of course we are still worried sick as we know Sandy only lived for 7 weeks after her amputation from th bone cancer but hope Lucky will do a Jim and have a couple of years.

So despite the wee man being full of beans I did manage to do the class kit from Bramford crop designed by janina, I have made some changes and under the photo there is a lot of journaling. Despite it being a less than flattering photo of me I wanted to use it and record how grateful I was to be celebrating Christmas with my family and not in hospital like the previous year. 2011 was a very difficult year for us both with lots of health problems and losing Ruby and Jim, hence the need to record it all. When I first started scrapbooking I was very into telling the story about the photo, then got caught up in making pretty pages with the latst papers and lost sight of the importance of the journaling, so this year I intend to re focus on it. The funny thing is when I look back at old layouts, I'm not seeing if the page is pretty and laid out well, it's the journaling I'm interested in. So back to basics!

The paper used for the layout is Kaisercraft, Faith and Festive range.

Looking forward to a mooch round town this morning and leaving Eric on poopie watch LOL.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Cane's first scrap day

Most Friday's Dawn comes here and we have a scrapping day.

So today was Cane's first foray into scrapping, he was into everything let me tell you LOL but actually I did manage to do a layout. Tried to take a photo but light had gone so will do that tomorrow. Can't say it was as chilled out day as usual as he was full of beans all day but still enjoyed it.

So after investigating papers and glue he had a little rest, my dining room is very small but all 5 managed to squeeze in LOL, this photo has 3 of them in it.

Then he had a go at being a bookend with  Mojo

and his new coat arrived today!

I'm taking a few hours break from poopie watch tomorrow and shall have a wander around town with Dawn. Will be nice to relax as Cane is into everything, loves slippers and teddies, as soon as I hear him running I just know he has something he shouldn't LOL.

All in all I think he is progressing well EXCEPT the crying when Eric goes out just for a few minutes turned into 20 minutes today! so obviously he does have issues, which is why he was returned to Gap after just 1 week. Not that I want him to cry if I go out but come on I look after him all day and he doesn't even notice if I leave!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

You've heard of Godilocks and the 3 beds

Well here's Cane and the two beds LOL.

First up Gangley's, nope that really is too small.

So then much to Mojo's horror he tried Mojo's, nope that's just to big!

Night time he sleeps on the sofa with Lucky but looks like he will have to have his own bed soon.

Mojo is still quite put out that he's still here and Alfie would prefer it if we put him in the toy box and just brought him out when it's time to play chase in the garden! Gangley and Lucky take turns Mothering him.

House training going really well and no major problems other than needing eyes in the back of my head.

Got Dawn coming to scrap tomorrow as usual, can't see me getting a whole lot done. Maybe Dawn will take pity on me and do the poopie watching LOL.

Never a dull or quiet moment in this house at the moment, that said I've got loads done because when the little chap is recharging I rush round doing stuff.

Getting harder by the day to maintain any kind of detachment from him!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lucky's results

Vets have rung and Lucky's blood tests are back AND it's good news, everything is as it should be, vet very happy so Lucky will have her 2nd chemo session on the 3 Feb! Today she jumped both in the car, had her walk and jumped back in again and had walked further. Paws crossed it all continues to keep improving.

Cane was very good last night and told go to bed and he did LOL. Still getting a bit upset when Eric leaves the house but quickly gets over it.

Today's photo Cane recharging LOL.

Mojo is really out of sorts today, not sure if he's poorly or put out with Cane, so he decides to hide!

Where's Mojo

here he is hiding under a cushion, silly sausage.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Someone is coming out of his shell

So today sees a much cheekier Cane, very vocal in his demands for other dogs to play with but when I left Alfie and Cane in the garden for a run this morning Alfie was being a bit full on and the little man ended up hiding under a table, so didn''t get the tired out poopie I was hoping for. His whippet side is also emerging and has to be physical pushed out the door for a wee because it's raining and whippets don't do rain!

Also today we have had a few glimpses of the SA we were told about when Eric took Harvey to school this morning (well what else are grandparents for) and each time Eric has gone out Cane has cried, I can go outside and see to hens etc with no cries LOL.

After my hospital appt yesterday I popped into vets and bought him a collar, ID tag and bell. The bell was supposed to be so we could hear him indoors and more so when he goes into the garden when it's dark. Well 30 minutes later said bell was removed after driving us nuts LOL, so I put some ribbon through it and shall just slip it on for going out in the garden at night.

Just one photo today, can you see his new collar, the colour blue really suits him, he has such a beautiful shiny black coat and no I haven't polished him. I don't do polishing of any kind LOL.

Cane was really good last night and only tried sneaking out of bed once, a finger point from Eric and he went back to bed and stayed there.

Anyway despite being a bit more work today I have still managed to do some cooking and baking and some journalling for a layout, so he can't have been sooo bad.

Lucky has just had her blood tests done and so paws crossed they will come back ok and the 2nd chemo session can be booked.

Monday, 23 January 2012

A good day

Incoming is making good progress and has had a good day! no accidents indoors, mainly due to me setting the timer on the oven to remind me to put him out LOL. Had a real good roar around the garden with Alfie Bear which left him needing to recharge for quite a while.

Eric was feeling a bit tired so after tea tonight said I might just have 40 winks and look what happened.

Lucky on the bed,what's that all about she hasn't been on the bed in 3 years! and she jumped up without help Quickly .followed by Alfie and Cane but there's more

in the bed with Daddy are Mojo and Gangley, (slightly cut Gangley's head off there oops).

So ok if you're not doggy people you'll probably find it odd we let them on and in the bed but they are our family and are allowed. Not at night I hastenen to add, night times they all have a bed in our room of course LOL.

Lucky has also had a really good day and is off to the vets tomorrow for her blood test and if that comes back ok should have her 2nd chemo session next week.

One is ever so slightly tired from being on poopie watch all day and may be turfing them all out so I can retire.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Incoming has arrived

Had a lovely day at crop which really cheered me up and by the time I got home Incoming had landed!

Cane left the kennels in Stoke abaout 10am and went to Donnington where he was handed over to Jackie who then brought him down to Cambridge services and met up with Eric to bring him home.

So what can I say, he wee's, poo's and chews! typical poopie LOL. He was re homed but after a week returned because of his severe separation anxiety problems, so isn't really house trained yet. Lisa from Greyhound Gap has asked us not to fuss him but to let him find comfort from the pack and not humans. Completely understand the theory behind it especially as he does have problems but oh boy not easy to do.

He slept all night and enjoyed his walk this morning and brekkie and is already watching and following the other dogs to see  what he should be doing. It is exhausting watching him  all the time, we have tried to move things we don't want chewed LOL.

He seems a sweet intelligent little chap and I hope we are able to help him with the SA. I had forgotten Alfie Bear has issues with black dogs and he is now a very sulky suluki! I expect by tomorrow he will be over it and wanting Cane to play. We've been told he is probably about 12 months old.

We're now about to let Cane have a run in the garden off lead, then he's having a bath, he's not dirty just has that kennel smell.

Part 2

Cane had a good time running and playing in the garden, Alfie joined in playing ball, so maybe he's feeling a bit happier as well.

Next up the bath or rather shower! Surprised us by being very relaxed about it and now smells clean.

Then he had a play with Gangley, expected her to grump at him but seemed to really enjoy playing with him and then Mothering him afterwards.Then he decided to try Lucky LOL.

and yes you've guessed right he is currently sleeping, so that's why I'm quickly doing this.

I'd say his first 24 hours have gone far better than expected.

Lucky has also had a good day, slept last night without pain relief and walked further this morning with no rests.

Eric has managed to clean out the hens and tidy the garden and I have managed a quick trip to Tesco's and a bit of washing so not as bad as we had feared, we thought we would probably have to spend the day watching him constantly. That's not to say he doesn't do poopie things but so far no major problems or damage!

OK a few photo's LOL

Cane- probably a greyhound x whippet and 24 inches to the shoulder so quite small.

getting ready for a walk


graden time

bath time

making friends

Friday, 20 January 2012

Fed up!

Just back from seeing the surgeon and not good news at all! Whilst he is really pleased with 3 of the knuckles and the bend they have the 4th (index finger with ruptured tendons) he isn’t happy with at all and says it has to come out, have bone shaved off and a new knuckle implant!!!! Surgery booked for 22nd March, which means the operations to repair ruptured tendons, won’t take place until after June.

I really thought I would get a date today to repair tendons and finally get rid of the 2 sticky out fingers that don’t bend. So I guess me and the sticky out fingers had better get used to at least another 6 months of not having much use in the hand. 

Poor Surgeon was really  upset for me and said he would do it on day surgery and be first on the list, mainly because he wants a sterile theatre because of the risk of infection with implants and it does give me the best chance of getting home that day as well.

There's either a major hissy fit coming or tears LOL....good job I have crop and Incoming to look forward to tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Journal your Christma

Quick update on Lucky, she's doing really well and each day grows stronger!

Hand clinic were pleased with my progress but like me a bit worried at the pain I'm once again getting in the wrist! maybe just the tendons stretching but as it's the area that's been opened up so many times I do feel a tad worried, good job I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow.

All set up and reading  for incoming as Cane has become known LOL. Should be here when I get back from crop on Saturday.

So somewhat late but I have finished my Journal your Christmas! it's all printed out and I just need to make the covers and put it together. Huge thank you to Jane who won a free pass to the class and kindly gave it to me.

The class actually takes it through to the 6th but I'm happy to finnish at the 1st. If you spot any mistakes please DO NOT TELL ME LOL.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lucky update and incoming

Lucky has been just fine since her chemo last week. Her appetite didn't go and she suffered no side effects, we did however get the expected dip at 72 hours where she seemed very tired but the next day she was back to normal. Lucky is at long last back with us, it's taken longer than expected but she is now the Lucky of old thank goodness and has adapted to life on 3 legs well. Blood tests next week to monitor her white blood cell count and if they're okay she'll have another chemo session 3 weeks after the first.

We have been asked by Greyhound Gap to foster on a young back lurcher (mostly greyhound x whippet) who went to a new home but was returned after a week. Apparently he was super with the young children and resident dog but very unhappy when left, so the family tried him in a crate and at this point he went berserk and managed to cause alot of damage sooo reluctantly they had to return him. Cane was in a pack of 4 all in good condition when they were found abandoned Christmas Eve! So a transport run is currently being put together for the weekend and looks like Saturday we shall have the little chap here. It's thought all he needs is time to settle in a large gentle pack (odd I don't feel I have a large pack these days but I guess by most people's standards I do LOL_) where he won't need to be left alone and can take his time to settle. Now please note I said Cane is a foster dog !!!!!I know what you're all thinking LOL.

Paws crossed hey !!!

I have 3 hospital appts in 6 days, starting today with hand clinic, I think they will be pleased with the progress. Friday I shall see the surgeon and I'm hoping he'll decide the hand and wrist is settled enough to arrange the final operation to repair the ruptured tendons. Then Monday I have my routine check up with the RA Consultant. Such a wonderful social life I lead LOL.

Lucky ducks would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send her good thoughts xxx

Sue xxx

Friday, 13 January 2012

Lucky starts her chemo!

Lucky went into the vets at mid day yesterday for her first of four planned chemo sessions. Unfortunately one of the vets cats got run over and needed emergency surgery so poor Ducks had a long wait! Finally got her  home at 7.15pm. Had a good night and has been fine all day with no side effects so far! She's definitely getting stronger each day and is much more like herself. The last part of her biopsy came back yesterday and confirmed the bone tumour is the most aggressive one there is, which we had figured out but apparently it also is one of the best for responding to chemo so paws crossed!

Thought it about time I got the album I made of Ben for Vikki for Christmas blogged, I try and do her a little album each year. Because I did it digi I was able to do a smaller version for Ben's other Grandma as well.

Still plodding away at my Journal your Christmas album, now up to Christmas Day LOL.