Monday, 30 January 2012

Mud mud horrible mud!

Where we live the earth is clay, which means in the summer it's like rock hard and splits open and in the winter it just turns to mud and when I say mud I mean mud, my whole house feels like it's coated in blasted mud. One is very fed up with wiping wet dirty muddy pasws!

Anyway Cane has had a good weekend and I sense a thawing in Mojo's behaviour with him, only one blot on the copy book which was partly my own fault. I had been reading and went off to make a cuppa taking my kindle with me but leavings reading glasses behind, went back not 5 minutes later and specs have gone to doggy heaven, probably met up with the pair Alfie chewed when he first arrived! He's met lots of new dogs and shows no fear or aggression, has started to greet humans and hounds with licks across your face and seems much more settled. Spoke to Lisa about him crying when Eric goes out and both she and Eric agree he's not crying for Eric but his source of walks has gone out. So the plan is when going for walks leave by back door when leaving for other reasons ie work leave by a different door. We shall see I suspect he smarter than that.

Lucky's poly arthritis has flared up and she's been very stiff and sore all weekend, we've increased her steroids and keeping everything crossed she will be well enough for chemo on Friday. 

I seem to spend all ay chasing my tail or checking up on Cane and have not been very productive but today for the first time since he arrived I managed to have my  after lunch rest as he was sparked out LOL.

Seriously how can that be comfortable but he was like that for over an hour LOL.


hotpotato said...

Gives putting your feet up a whole new meaning.LOL

Declan said...

Feet well and truely under the table I'd say (or up in the air!) Deccy x

Angela J. said...

Can't they get themselves into some strange positions? You'd think all the blood would rush to their head.

What Remains Now said...

That picture of Cane is crazy hilarious.

Nic said...

Love that photo! I don't know how dogs can be comfy in some of the positions they get into. I too am fed up with the mud on the floors and exhausted with keeping a continual eye on my new arrival. Great that things are going so well.

Sue said...

With you ont he mud - roll on summer.

Glad Cane is showing what a lovely dog he is.

Hope Lucky's arthritis is soon under control.

Glad Mojo is begining to like the new guy.

Song lays in the most weird positions and manages to sleep. Think it's a Greyhound thing:)