Thursday, 19 January 2012

Journal your Christma

Quick update on Lucky, she's doing really well and each day grows stronger!

Hand clinic were pleased with my progress but like me a bit worried at the pain I'm once again getting in the wrist! maybe just the tendons stretching but as it's the area that's been opened up so many times I do feel a tad worried, good job I'm seeing the surgeon tomorrow.

All set up and reading  for incoming as Cane has become known LOL. Should be here when I get back from crop on Saturday.

So somewhat late but I have finished my Journal your Christmas! it's all printed out and I just need to make the covers and put it together. Huge thank you to Jane who won a free pass to the class and kindly gave it to me.

The class actually takes it through to the 6th but I'm happy to finnish at the 1st. If you spot any mistakes please DO NOT TELL ME LOL.


Jane said...

it's gorgeous Sue, so glad you enjoyed it xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Your Christmas journal is fab Sue, did you do it all digitally?

Sue said...

Fab LOs.

Glad Lucky is doing well. Wonder what she and the others will think of Cane.

Hope the hand surgeon can help with the pain.

Carol said...

what a fab journal and such memories, both happy and sad!

Hope Cane's trip is ok and that he settles quickly into the Taylor pack xx

What Remains Now said...

Sue...This is fabulous. So beautiful.

Declan said...

That looks fabulous. Good news about Lucky; hope it's the same for you when you see the surgeon. Deccy x