Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Someone is coming out of his shell

So today sees a much cheekier Cane, very vocal in his demands for other dogs to play with but when I left Alfie and Cane in the garden for a run this morning Alfie was being a bit full on and the little man ended up hiding under a table, so didn''t get the tired out poopie I was hoping for. His whippet side is also emerging and has to be physical pushed out the door for a wee because it's raining and whippets don't do rain!

Also today we have had a few glimpses of the SA we were told about when Eric took Harvey to school this morning (well what else are grandparents for) and each time Eric has gone out Cane has cried, I can go outside and see to hens etc with no cries LOL.

After my hospital appt yesterday I popped into vets and bought him a collar, ID tag and bell. The bell was supposed to be so we could hear him indoors and more so when he goes into the garden when it's dark. Well 30 minutes later said bell was removed after driving us nuts LOL, so I put some ribbon through it and shall just slip it on for going out in the garden at night.

Just one photo today, can you see his new collar, the colour blue really suits him, he has such a beautiful shiny black coat and no I haven't polished him. I don't do polishing of any kind LOL.

Cane was really good last night and only tried sneaking out of bed once, a finger point from Eric and he went back to bed and stayed there.

Anyway despite being a bit more work today I have still managed to do some cooking and baking and some journalling for a layout, so he can't have been sooo bad.

Lucky has just had her blood tests done and so paws crossed they will come back ok and the 2nd chemo session can be booked.


Declan said...

He's making amazing progress. You clearly are pretty good at this fostering thing! ;-) Deccy x

Winnie said...

So pleased to hear he's settling in. Lots of good pack role models for him.

Keeping everything crossed for Lucky

Love and licks, Winnie

gyeong said...

What a snuggle-bunny. Hope Lucky's report looks good.

What Remains Now said...

That Cane is a snuggle bunny! Praying for Lucky.

Sue said...

Cane is doing so well. Sounds like he does get SA, especially over Eric:)

Love the photo:)

Hope Lucky's bloods come back ok.