Sunday, 22 January 2012

Incoming has arrived

Had a lovely day at crop which really cheered me up and by the time I got home Incoming had landed!

Cane left the kennels in Stoke abaout 10am and went to Donnington where he was handed over to Jackie who then brought him down to Cambridge services and met up with Eric to bring him home.

So what can I say, he wee's, poo's and chews! typical poopie LOL. He was re homed but after a week returned because of his severe separation anxiety problems, so isn't really house trained yet. Lisa from Greyhound Gap has asked us not to fuss him but to let him find comfort from the pack and not humans. Completely understand the theory behind it especially as he does have problems but oh boy not easy to do.

He slept all night and enjoyed his walk this morning and brekkie and is already watching and following the other dogs to see  what he should be doing. It is exhausting watching him  all the time, we have tried to move things we don't want chewed LOL.

He seems a sweet intelligent little chap and I hope we are able to help him with the SA. I had forgotten Alfie Bear has issues with black dogs and he is now a very sulky suluki! I expect by tomorrow he will be over it and wanting Cane to play. We've been told he is probably about 12 months old.

We're now about to let Cane have a run in the garden off lead, then he's having a bath, he's not dirty just has that kennel smell.

Part 2

Cane had a good time running and playing in the garden, Alfie joined in playing ball, so maybe he's feeling a bit happier as well.

Next up the bath or rather shower! Surprised us by being very relaxed about it and now smells clean.

Then he had a play with Gangley, expected her to grump at him but seemed to really enjoy playing with him and then Mothering him afterwards.Then he decided to try Lucky LOL.

and yes you've guessed right he is currently sleeping, so that's why I'm quickly doing this.

I'd say his first 24 hours have gone far better than expected.

Lucky has also had a good day, slept last night without pain relief and walked further this morning with no rests.

Eric has managed to clean out the hens and tidy the garden and I have managed a quick trip to Tesco's and a bit of washing so not as bad as we had feared, we thought we would probably have to spend the day watching him constantly. That's not to say he doesn't do poopie things but so far no major problems or damage!

OK a few photo's LOL

Cane- probably a greyhound x whippet and 24 inches to the shoulder so quite small.

getting ready for a walk


graden time

bath time

making friends


gyeong said...

What a cutie pie!

Sue said...

He's lovely. How big is he? Looks like he is settling in already.

Hiking Hounds said...

Oh boy, he is cute! That's great that he's fitting in so well. I love the picture of Lucky laying on him.

Janet said...

Hi Suzy,Cane looks a gorgeous boy,nothing like a youngster to keep you on your toes
(bet he stay's with you all) LOL
Janet x

Carol said...

What a handsome young man and certainly seems at home..... Bets on girls lol xx

Gem's Crafts said...

Cane looks like he's settling in really well already, hope you get the poopie problem sorted soon!

Declan said...

Oh my goodness isn't he a sweetie! And well done you for fostering him! Mum says he's bound to have problems if he comes from Stoke. She used to live not far from there Hehe! Deccy x

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Cane is a gorgeous black! He does have a whippet-ness look about him. My tiny girl greyhounds are 24.5 inches at the shoulder so 24 inches for a boy would be super tiny. Cool dog regardless though!

What Remains Now said...

I was gone for the last few days (trip to Chicago for work), so just catching up. Cane is so cute! Can't wait to read you next few post to catch up.