Monday, 23 January 2012

A good day

Incoming is making good progress and has had a good day! no accidents indoors, mainly due to me setting the timer on the oven to remind me to put him out LOL. Had a real good roar around the garden with Alfie Bear which left him needing to recharge for quite a while.

Eric was feeling a bit tired so after tea tonight said I might just have 40 winks and look what happened.

Lucky on the bed,what's that all about she hasn't been on the bed in 3 years! and she jumped up without help Quickly .followed by Alfie and Cane but there's more

in the bed with Daddy are Mojo and Gangley, (slightly cut Gangley's head off there oops).

So ok if you're not doggy people you'll probably find it odd we let them on and in the bed but they are our family and are allowed. Not at night I hastenen to add, night times they all have a bed in our room of course LOL.

Lucky has also had a really good day and is off to the vets tomorrow for her blood test and if that comes back ok should have her 2nd chemo session next week.

One is ever so slightly tired from being on poopie watch all day and may be turfing them all out so I can retire.


hotpotato said...

Cane has certainly made himself at home and the other hounds don't seem to mind.........probably think he's died and gone to doggy heaven he looks so well-in.!!!! Still say he won't be leaving Taylor Towers to be rehomed. He's such a handsome chap too and look at that cute sad sack face!

Sandra's Spot said...

Love all the photos pleanty more scrapping I think. He sounds a lovely chap and sounds as though he is learning the ropes quickly. He will probably be ok with a pack to sooth him. Good job the Taylors. Hugs Sandra XXX

Jane said...

don't they all look sweet!!

Carol said...

wowie Suzy what a fab piccie had to laugh - how big is your bed??? we have trouble with us and Ty!! and thats only one dog! roflxx

Look at Lucky up there - bless her, really hope that things go well tomorrow - and as for Cane, such a handsome boy and a great new addition to the Taylor Pack (all bets off girls!! roflxx)

gyeong said...

Now that's what I call nap time. Sometimes I have 4 dogs on the bed with me for naps, but usually only 2 in bed at night.

Gem's Crafts said...

Awww how cute do they all look fast asleep on the bed!

Declan said...

Mum keeps telling me, if I promise not to eat KC(my evil cat) I could sleep on the bed too. I still think I might eat her thhough :-( Cane has certainly made himself at home! Deccy x

Sue said...

Certainly looks like Cane is part of the family already. Really can't see him leaving you:)

So glad Lucky is doing well. Fingers crossed for her blood test.

What Remains Now said...

I have to agree with everyone else...Cane looks right at home. I love how everyone just piles in and sleeps together.