Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lucky update and incoming

Lucky has been just fine since her chemo last week. Her appetite didn't go and she suffered no side effects, we did however get the expected dip at 72 hours where she seemed very tired but the next day she was back to normal. Lucky is at long last back with us, it's taken longer than expected but she is now the Lucky of old thank goodness and has adapted to life on 3 legs well. Blood tests next week to monitor her white blood cell count and if they're okay she'll have another chemo session 3 weeks after the first.

We have been asked by Greyhound Gap to foster on a young back lurcher (mostly greyhound x whippet) who went to a new home but was returned after a week. Apparently he was super with the young children and resident dog but very unhappy when left, so the family tried him in a crate and at this point he went berserk and managed to cause alot of damage sooo reluctantly they had to return him. Cane was in a pack of 4 all in good condition when they were found abandoned Christmas Eve! So a transport run is currently being put together for the weekend and looks like Saturday we shall have the little chap here. It's thought all he needs is time to settle in a large gentle pack (odd I don't feel I have a large pack these days but I guess by most people's standards I do LOL_) where he won't need to be left alone and can take his time to settle. Now please note I said Cane is a foster dog !!!!!I know what you're all thinking LOL.

Paws crossed hey !!!

I have 3 hospital appts in 6 days, starting today with hand clinic, I think they will be pleased with the progress. Friday I shall see the surgeon and I'm hoping he'll decide the hand and wrist is settled enough to arrange the final operation to repair the ruptured tendons. Then Monday I have my routine check up with the RA Consultant. Such a wonderful social life I lead LOL.

Lucky ducks would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to send her good thoughts xxx

Sue xxx


gyeong said...

Glad she is handling the chemo well. My Jaime was returned for going ape crazy in a crate. We finally figured out that it was b/c the other dog was not crated, and Jaime the LoveBug needed some contact.

Declan said...

We really admire you for taking on a foster dog, and whilst coping with Lucky's illness. Mum would love more dogs but we just don't have the room. Mum thinks ideally I would be better with a companion as I hate being left, but until Mums win the lottery...! Dec x

What Remains Now said...

So glad everything is going well. Wow, you have so much going on...and then a foster dog. You have a big heart, Miss Sue.

hotpotato said...

Foster dog my paws.............he won't be leaving Taylor Towers once his paws cross the treshold, heard it all before Sue so who are you trying to kid.LOL
Glad Lucky is doing well, good luck with hospital appointment, see you at Papermaze on Saturday. xx

Sue said...

So glad Lucky is back to her old self. It's amazing how they adapt.

I still think Cane will become a permanent fixture in your home:)

Good luck with the various hospital appointments.

Hiking Hounds said...

So glad Lucky is doing well with the chemo and is feeling good. The new boy sounds sweet. I bet he will do great. Good luck with the Dr. appointments.

Angela J. said...

I'm so glad Lucky is doing so well, so fast. It's really amazing! Good luck with your "foster" dog. :).