Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Lucky's results

Vets have rung and Lucky's blood tests are back AND it's good news, everything is as it should be, vet very happy so Lucky will have her 2nd chemo session on the 3 Feb! Today she jumped both in the car, had her walk and jumped back in again and had walked further. Paws crossed it all continues to keep improving.

Cane was very good last night and told go to bed and he did LOL. Still getting a bit upset when Eric leaves the house but quickly gets over it.

Today's photo Cane recharging LOL.

Mojo is really out of sorts today, not sure if he's poorly or put out with Cane, so he decides to hide!

Where's Mojo

here he is hiding under a cushion, silly sausage.


Jane said...

so pleased for Lucky Sue and doesn't Cane look cute x

Sue said...

Good news about Lucky's results.

Hope Mojo has a better day tomorrow.

gyeong said...

Glad Lucky had good news. Hopefully Cane will grow on Mojo.

What Remains Now said...

So glad that Lucky is doing well. Cane is so sweet. Poor Mojo. New pups always mess things up.

Declan said...

Great news about Lucky. Are you SURE Cane is just going to be a foster dog?!! Deccy x